Transform Your Event with Dallas Illuminated LED Furniture Rentals

Dallas Light up Furniture Rentals-Modern Event Rental

Planning an event and struggling to find that “wow” factor? Illuminated LED furniture rentals in Dallas offer a unique blend of functionality and flair, perfect for any occasion. This article will guide you through the selection process, ensuring your event stands out with its modern vibe and stunning visuals.

Ready to illuminate your next gathering? Keep reading.

Why Choose Dallas LED Furniture Event Rentals

A lively outdoor event showcasing LED furniture and diverse people.

Discover trendy and affordable furniture options for your event. Experience a convenient rental process in Dallas, TX.

Wide selection of Illuminated furniture options

Illuminated furniture event rentals in Dallas offer an exciting variety of trendy options. From illuminated tables to sleek LED bars, the inventory includes everything needed for a standout corporate event or fashion show.

Each piece adds a modern touch, transforming any venue into a stylish space.

Designs range from art deco elegance to contemporary chic, catering to different themes and preferences. Whether it’s a trade show at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center or an exclusive gathering at AT&T Stadium, there’s no shortage of sophisticated décor choices.

The wide selection ensures that every event shines bright with unique furniture design accents.

Affordable and convenient rental process

Renting Illuminated L.E.D. furniture for your Dallas event doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, it’s a cost-effective way to add flair and excitement to corporate events or runways. The event rental process is streamlined for convenience, ensuring you get what you need without hassle.

You can choose from a wide selection of illuminated event furniture options that fit your budget.

Everything from placing an order to delivery and setup is designed with your ease in mind. Modern Event Rental offer flexible packages that cater to different needs and scales of events. This means you won’t waste time negotiating or worrying about logistics.

Plus, timely delivery ensures everything is ready before the first guest arrives, letting you focus on making your event unforgettable.

Planning your Event with Light Up Furniture Rental

A photo of glowing LED furniture in an outdoor garden at night.

Choose the perfect L.E.D. furniture to match your event and theme, creating a unique ambiance for your guests. Incorporate customization options to personalize the furniture, adding a special touch that sets your event apart.

Choosing the perfect illuminated furniture to suit your event

Picking the right L.E.D. furniture for your Dallas event can transform it from good to unforgettable. Consider the vibe you’re going for—sleek and modern, or vibrant and fun? The wide selection of illuminated tables, sofas, and bars can help set the exact mood you desire.

Think about what your guests will need too. Will they want places to lounge and chat, or are high-top tables better for mingling?.

Customization plays a big part in making the furniture fit your theme perfectly. Many L.E.D. pieces come with color-changing options to match your event’s palette. Imagine an illuminated bar that changes colors to match the beat of the music or tables.

This attention to detail won’t just impress; it’ll make your event memorable.

Customization and theme incorporation

modern L.E.D. furniture rentals offer incredible customization options to align with your event’s theme. You can choose colors and patterns that match your vision, transforming the atmosphere entirely.

It’s like painting with light – you get to decide how everything looks under the glow of L.E.D. lights.

Incorporating a specific theme becomes effortless with these rentals. Imagine an underwater-themed party where blue and green lights create a cool, aquatic ambiance. Or perhaps a fiery red setup for a more energetic vibe.

The choice is yours, making each event uniquely unforgettable.

Quick Recommendation

Be sure to check out the quick product list for a fast recommendation, or scroll down for more in-depth reviews.

Comparison Table

Product NameSize (W x L x H)WeightCategoryMaterial/Color/LED Feature/Usage
6FT ILLUMINATED COMMUNAL TABLE72″ x 30″ x 42″100 pounds
6FT ILLUMINATED TABLE72″ x 30″ x 31″LED Furniture
8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE96″ x 30″ x 31″175 pounds
ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY15″ x 15″ x 42″25 pounds
ILLUMINATED SOFA72″ x 30″ x 35″LED Furniture
LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE24″ x 24″ x 16″LED Furniture, Coffee Table & End Table Rental
LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE48″ x 24″ x 16″Coffee Table & End Table Rental, LED Furniture
Metro LED Table96″ x 30″ x 30″
WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE96″ x 40″ x 30″LED FurnitureMaterial: Durable acrylic, Color: Pure white, LED lighting feature: Built-in, color-changing, Usage: Cocktail table, decor



Dallas Events: Encourage mingling with vibrant communal ambiance and LED lighting


  • Illuminated communal table for a vibrant ambience
  • Spacious 6ft size for accommodating multiple users
  • Sturdy construction with a weight of 100 pounds
  • Sleek and modern design to enhance any setting
  • Perfect for social gatherings, events, and commercial spaces
  • Provides an inviting and eye – catching focal point

The 6FT ILLUMINATED COMMUNAL TABLE is a game-changer for events looking to spark connections and conversations. Picture this: colorful LEDs light up under a smooth glass surface, instantly drawing guests towards it. The extra width means there’s more room for people to gather, share a laugh or two, and enjoy the ambiance. Its sturdy aluminum legs ensure stability, so whether leaning in for a chat or setting down a drink, everything stays perfectly balanced.

Why we rank this table at No. 1 is simple—it transforms spaces and experiences. Fundraisers, its radiant glow sets the perfect scene for creating memories. Imagine an evening where strangers become friends under its ambient light; it’s not just furniture but a catalyst for mingling and new stories. Its design balances function with style effortlessly, making every event memorable.

This communal table stands out because it does more than serve as a place to put things; it encourages interaction in the most elegant way possible. With features thoughtfully designed to bring people together, it’s no wonder why it tops our list of must-haves for any event aiming to impress and engage its attendees.

Immerse your Dallas event in a vibrant, communal atmosphere with the 6FT ILLUMINATED COMMUNAL TABLE. Perfect for party hosts who crave an interactive and dynamic setting. Elevate your event now!

Product Info:



Illuminate Your Events with Modern and Versatile Table Centerpieces!


  • 6ft long illuminated table
  • Features LED lighting
  • Great for events and parties
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Eye – catching centerpiece
  • Adds ambience to any space

The 6FT ILLUMINATED TABLE steals the spotlight at any event with its dazzling glow. Picture this: a sleek frosted glass top that lights up from within, choosing your color to match the theme of your party. It’s not just about looks; the sturdy aluminum legs ensure everything stays put, blending into the background so all eyes stay on what’s important—your display or decor.

This table is a game-changer for event planners and hosts looking for that modern flair. Whether it’s showcasing an elegant floral arrangement at a fundraiser or creating an inviting atmosphere with soft lighting at a party, this table does it all. Its dining height makes it perfect for guests to gather around, making those special moments even more memorable.

We ranked this product No. 2 in our list because it perfectly combines form and function in LED furniture design. While there are many options out there, few bring together durability, versatility, and style quite like this illuminated table. Its ability to transform any space into something extraordinary—with ease—is why we see it as an essential pick for anyone wanting to elevate their event’s ambiance.

Meet the ideal customer for our 6FT ILLUMINATED TABLE – a trendsetter who loves to host stylish events! Elevate your Dallas L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals with this modern and versatile centerpiece. Let’s light up your next event!

Product Info:



Elevate Your Event with Customizable Illumination!


  • 8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE: Measures 96″ x 30″ x 31″
  • Eye-catching Glow: Illuminated for a stunning visual impact
  • Sturdy Build: Weighs 175 pounds for stability and durability
  • Versatile Usage: Perfect for events, parties, and displays
  • Sleek Design: Creates a modern, inviting ambiance
  • Easy Assembly: Simple setup for hassle-free use

Picture this: your next event lights up with the vibrant colors of the 8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE, turning an ordinary space into a mesmerizing spectacle. This isn’t just any table; it’s a cornerstone for creating unforgettable moments. Embedded with RGBAW LED lighting, you have the power to customize its glow to match any theme or mood. Whether it’s a deep blue for a cool, sophisticated corporate gathering or a warm red for an energized party vibe, this table transforms spaces and sets moods effortlessly.

What makes this product stand out is its unmatched flexibility and durability combined in one sleek design. Imagine being able to switch from calm greens to lively yellows with just a click—perfect for keeping the atmosphere fresh throughout the event. And don’t worry about wear and tear; crafted from high-strength materials, it withstands even the wildest of parties. It’s no wonder we ranked this impressive piece as No. 3 on our list; while there are other fantastic pieces out there offering variety and innovation, few blend technology, aesthetics, and functionality quite like this one.

Choosing it as our third pick was all about striking that perfect balance between making an impact and practical use. For those hosting events in need of something truly unique – be it launches or celebrations – here lies a blend of ambiance-enhancing tech and robust design ready to elevate any occasion. Let’s not forget—it acts as more than just furniture; it’s an integral part of setting your event apart from the rest.

Are you ready to elevate your event with the 8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE from Dallas L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals? This sleek and durable table, embedded with customizable RGBAW LED lighting technology, is perfect for individuals hosting parties, corporate events, or product launches. Create an impressive visual display and set the ambiance ablaze with vibrant hues tailored to your desired atmosphere. Let’s illuminate your event in style!

Product Info:



Transform Events with Stylish, Modern LED Furniture in Dallas


  • Illuminated high boy stands 42 inches tall
  • Features a 15×15 inch size for ample display space
  • Weighs just 25 pounds for easy portability
  • Bright illumination enhances visibility and attention
  • Sturdy construction ensures durability
  • Perfect for attracting attention at events or promotions

The ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY table is a game-changer for anyone looking to add some wow factor to their events. Imagine stepping into a room and seeing these sleek, modern tables glowing in vibrant colors. They’re not just furniture; they’re an experience. With 16 color options and various light modes, you can transform any space into something magical. Perfect for both corporate gatherings, these tables set the mood instantly—think of them as mood lighting plus a handy spot to rest your drink.

What really makes the ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY stand out is its versatility and durability. Planning an outdoor event? No problem. These tables are tough enough to handle it and easy to clean afterward. Plus, they’re super lightweight at only 25 lbs, making setup and tear-down a breeze. And let’s talk about customization – being able to match your table lights with your event theme adds that personalized touch guests will remember.

From eye-catching centerpieces at trade shows to creating unforgettable memories at social celebrations, the ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY brings that extra layer of special everyone aims for in an event setting. It’s not often you find rental furniture that goes beyond basic functionality to become part of what makes an event memorable.

Looking to elevate your event in Dallas? The ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY is perfect for the trend-setting, stylish customer who wants to create a modern and eye-catching atmosphere. Bring the wow factor to your next event with our versatile and durable LED furniture. Elevate your event today!

Product Info:



Illuminate Your Events with Customizable Tech-Savvy Communal Tables in Dallas


  • Built – in LED lighting for a vibrant and inviting ambiance
  • Generous 72″ width provides ample space for communal dining or socializing
  • Sleek 24″ length accommodates multiple guests without feeling crowded
  • Sturdy 42″ height ideal for standing or barstool seating
  • Durable construction designed to withstand commercial use
  • Creates an eye – catching focal point in any indoor setting

The ILLUMINATED PEDESTAL COMMUNAL TABLE lights up any event with its sleek design and customizable LED lights. Imagine walking into a venue, the colors of the table glowing in harmony with the theme of your special evening. This isn’t just about looks; it’s about creating an atmosphere that sticks with your guests long after they’ve gone home. The pedestal base is a smart touch too, keeping the floor space open and tidy, no matter how crowded the room gets. Plus, this table isn’t just sturdy—it’s built to last through countless gatherings, making it a favorite for event planners who value both style and durability.

Now let’s talk versatility. Whether you’re setting up for an intimate dinner or a bustling networking event, this communal table fits right in. Pair it with high stools for a casual meet-up or elegant chairs for a more formal affair—the choice is yours. It brilliantly combines comfort with technology to ensure every interaction around it feels special. Picture this: You’re at an outdoor evening function, and as the sun sets, these tables transition from daytime elegance to nighttime chic without skipping a beat—setting exactly the mood you’d hoped for.

Every detail of this illuminated communal table has been thought out to enhance user experience—from its eye-catching appearance down to its practical dimensions (72″ W x 24″ L x 42″ H). It’s more than just furniture; it’s an invitation to come together and share moments in spaces designed to be memorable.

Attention Dallas event planners! The ILLUMINATED PEDESTAL COMMUNAL TABLE is perfect for the sophisticated, tech-savvy customer who values style and functionality. Elevate your events with this sleek, customizable table and create a memorable experience for your guests. Upgrade your event furniture with Dallas L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals today!

Product Info:



Sensational Illumination for Unforgettable Dallas Events


  • 144 – inch illuminated communal table
  • Unique serpentine design
  • LED lighting built – in
  • Perfect for events and gatherings
  • Sleek and modern appearance
  • Creates an inviting atmosphere

The ILLUMINATED SERPENTINE COMMUNAL TABLE is a game-changer for events, making every gathering unforgettable. Picture this: guests walk into the venue and are immediately drawn to the vibrant colors emanating from this stunning piece of furniture. Its eye-catching design not only serves as a conversation starter but also enhances the overall mood of your event. With its comfortable seating, it encourages people to come together, share stories, and create memories. The flexible arrangement options mean you can tailor the setup to perfectly fit your space, whether it’s a cozy reception or a grand corporate bash.

But here’s where it gets even better – the L.E.D lighting system offers an extensive color palette allowing you to match the theme of your event or change vibes with just a click. Imagine transitioning from ambient soft hues during a relaxed cocktail hour to energetic bright colors that get everyone in party mode! Plus, made with high-quality materials, this table stands up well against spills and messes – cleanup is a breeze ensuring planners one less headache. When paired with other illuminated pieces, it opens up endless possibilities for creating immersive environments that will have attendees buzzing long after they leave.

This isn’t just another table; it’s an experience enhancer capable of transforming any event space into something magical. For those looking to make their events in Dallas stand out with minimal effort—this illuminated serpentine communal table is your go-to choice.

Illuminate your events with the ILLUMINATED SERPENTINE COMMUNAL TABLE – perfect for Dallas L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals! Ideal for the dynamic host who wants to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Bring your events to life with vibrant light and stylish design – get ready to impress your guests!

Product Info:



Standout Seating for Unforgettable Events and Celebrations


  • LED lights integrated into the sofa for a stunning visual effect
  • Sleek and modern design perfect for contemporary spaces
  • Comfortable seating with soft upholstery material
  • Dimensions suitable for various room sizes
  • Remote control to adjust light settings easily
  • Enhances ambiance and adds flair to any living area

Picture this: your event space, transformed with the glow of an ILLUMINATED SOFA. It’s not just any piece of furniture—it’s a conversation starter, a style icon, and yes, incredibly comfortable too. This sofa brings together style, comfort, and technology in such a seamless way; it almost feels like magic. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to its weatherproof build from robust polyethylene, it stands up to the elements while inviting guests to take a moment and relax.

The LED lights tucked into its frame are where the real fun begins. You can switch colors to match the event’s theme or set the mood you’re going for—calm blues for a cool night under the stars at a vibrant reds for an energized corporate function. And let’s talk size – at 72″ W x 30″ L x 35″ H, it offers ample space without overcrowding your venue. Plus, being energy-efficient means you’re making an eco-friendly choice without sacrificing that wow factor.

Imagine your guests’ delight as they enter an event decked out with these illuminated sofas—their eyes light up as they walk towards what promises to be an unforgettable seating experience. Whether planning high-energy parties across diverse venues, adding this modern touch ensures your event shines bright in everyone’s memory long after it ends.

Get ready to impress your guests at Dallas L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals with our ILLUMINATED SOFA – perfect for the savvy event planner who wants a modern, comfortable, and eye-catching seating solution. Elevate your event’s ambiance now!

Product Info:



Elevate Your Dallas Events with Stylish Dual-Purpose Lighting and Furniture


  • 24″ x 24″ x 16″ sleek design
  • LED lights for vibrant ambiance
  • Doubles as a coffee and end table
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to operate with on/off switch
  • Adds modern flair to any space

Picture this: You’re throwing the ultimate backyard bash or hosting a chic corporate event. The goal? To wow every guest as they walk in. Enter the LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE — your not-so-secret weapon to achieving that vibrant, unforgettable ambiance. Combining sleek design with practicality, this coffee table lights up any setting, indoors or out. It’s more than furniture; it’s a statement piece.

Thanks to its durable construction and advanced LED technology, worrying about wear and tear is off the table. Imagine being able to match the mood of your event with just a few clicks on a remote control. From warm, cozy glows for intimate gatherings to pulsating hues for lively parties — versatility is at your fingertips. And let’s talk style: The clean lines and smooth surfaces fit right into any decor theme you’ve got going on.

But here’s the real kicker — its easy setup means no fussing over complicated instructions when you’ve got a million other things on your plate before guests arrive. Just plug in, choose your color, and watch as the translucent top diffuses light beautifully across your space. Whether it’s creating memorable elevating corporate meetings, this cube does more than illuminate; it transforms ordinary spaces into something extraordinary.

If you love hosting stylish indoor or outdoor events in Dallas and want a sleek centerpiece that doubles as both a coffee table and vibrant lighting, the LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE is for you. Elevate your event with its changeable LED lights and sophisticated design. Bring modern flair to your gatherings – rent now!

Product Info:



Elevate your event with vibrant and stylish LED furniture.


  • 48″ wide, 24″ long, and 16″ high
  • Illuminated LED technology
  • Suitable for coffee or end table use
  • Creates a modern and stylish atmosphere
  • Perfect for events and gatherings
  • Captivating addition to any space

Light up your next event in a way that guests will never forget with the LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE. This isn’t just any coffee table; it’s a blend of modern design and innovative LED technology that transforms any space into an engaging, colorful haven. Picture this at your next party or corporate gathering – the sleek, white translucent surface comes alive with vibrant colors, setting the perfect mood without saying a word.

The beauty of this table lies not only in its visual appeal but also in its functionality and energy efficiency. It’s large enough to hold drinks, brochures, or decorative items while offering sturdy support throughout your event. Plus, its LED lights are designed to last longer and shine brighter without hiking up your energy bill – talk about being practical yet sophisticated! Whether it’s lining up beverages for a showcasing products at a business launch, this coffee table steps up the game by making everything look better under its glow.

Imagine creating unforgettable memories simply by choosing furniture that shines as brightly as your occasion deserves. With easy setup and countless colors to match any theme, bringing life to parties has never been more effortless or stylish.

Looking to add a modern touch to your event? Meet our ideal customer for the LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE available at Dallas L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals. This product is perfect for individuals or event planners looking to elevate their space with stylish and functional LED furniture that creates a vibrant atmosphere. Make a statement at your next event – rent the LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE today!

Product Info:

10. Metro LED Table


Elevate Your Events with Modern, Adjustable LED Table Lighting


  • 96 – inch width for spacious workspace
  • Energy – efficient LED lighting
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Sturdy build for durability
  • Adjustable height for versatility
  • Easy to set up and use

The Metro LED Table lights up any Dallas event with its adjustable colors and sleek design. Imagine setting the scene for an unforgettable evening, with tables glowing in hues that match your theme perfectly. It’s all possible thanks to this table’s wireless technology and easy-to-use remote control system. You won’t have to worry about tripping over cords or spending ages on setup; it’s designed for convenience.

This table isn’t just a pretty face either. Its sturdy construction means it can handle anything from heaps of appetizers at a cocktail hour to supporting elaborate centerpieces at a business party reception. Plus, its spacious surface offers plenty of room for guests’ drinks and plates, making mingling smoother than ever. The best part? It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor events—so whether you’re planning a chic rooftop gathering or a garden party, the Metro LED Table fits right in, adding that modern flair every host dreams of.

Not only does it make your decor pop—it creates memorable experiences too. Picture guests arriving to find their names etched in light on their designated table or having the color change as the night progresses, keeping the energy high until the very end. With this table at your event, those are not just ideas; they’re easily achievable realities that leave everyone talking long after the lights go out.

The Metro LED Table is perfect for event organizers and party planners in Dallas L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals who want to create a modern, eye-catching ambiance. Elevate your events with the sleek design and adjustable lighting of this versatile table today!

Product Info:



Elevate Your Event with Unique LED Serpentine Table Rental


  • Glowing LED lights
  • Sleek white acrylic design
  • Modern and eye – catching
  • Large 148.8\” width
  • Perfect for events or parties
  • Sturdy build with a height of 30\”

The WHITE ACRYLIC LED SERPENTINE TABLE redefines what we expect from event furniture. With its durable, high-quality white acrylic build, this table promises both style and longevity. Picture this: a sleek, serpentine-shaped centerpiece that not only supports your plates and glasses but comes alive with customizable LED lights. Whether it’s a chill dinner gathering or an upbeat party vibe you’re after, the colors and intensity can be adjusted to set the perfect mood. This isn’t just any piece of furniture; it’s a conversation starter, a photo op spot, and most importantly—a memorable part of your event experience.

Now let’s talk about making an impact. Events are all about creating moments that stick with us, right? Imagine guests walking into a space lit by the subtle glow of this table—it instantly elevates their mood and piques curiosity. The unique design adds visual interest and motion to any setup, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. It’s more than practical; it serves as décor itself—no extra frills needed.

Here’s the bottom line: if you want your next event in Dallas to stand out without resorting to over-the-top decorations or sacrificing functionality for form—the WHITE ACRYLIC LED SERPENTINE TABLE is your go-to choice. Its blend of elegance, innovation in design, and lighting versatility ensures that your gatherings become landmark events people will talk about long after they’re over.

Are you looking to elevate your event with a touch of modern elegance? Consider the WHITE ACRYLIC LED SERPENTINE TABLE, perfect for the trendsetting individual who wants to create a memorable and visually stunning experience at Dallas L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals. Add a unique flair to your next event and leave a lasting impression that guests won’t forget!

Product Info:



Illuminate Your Dallas Events with Versatile LED Furniture!


  • 96 – inch wide, pure white acrylic table
  • Durable material for long – lasting use
  • Built-in LED lighting with color-changing feature
  • Versatile usage as cocktail table or decor
  • Eye – catching centerpiece for any space

The WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE lights up any event, blending chic design with functionality that’s hard to beat. Made from durable acrylic, it stands strong through bustling events and busy gatherings. With dimensions of 96″ W x 40″ L x 30″ H, this table offers ample space for cocktails, snacks, or even as a striking decor piece. But that’s not all – its built-in LED lighting can shift colors to match the mood or theme of your event. Imagine a vibrant centerpiece glowing softly in your chosen hue, elevating the atmosphere from good to unforgettable.

Beyond its physical beauty and sturdiness, this table serves multiple purposes with ease. It transitions effortlessly from a snack corner during early evening minglings to an animated cocktail table as the night progresses. The minimalist design ensures it doesn’t overtake the room but rather complements other elements in your decor setup. Plus, changing its colors is simple – meaning you can adapt on the fly without missing a beat at your gathering.

Let’s talk about how this piece fits into local events across various settings – whether indoors under dimmed lights where its glow becomes mesmerizing or outdoors where it stands boldly against natural backdrops. This versatility makes our WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE more than just furniture; it becomes part of your event’s story, creating memorable visuals and practical spaces for guests to gather around.

Meet our ideal customer for the WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE! Perfect for event planners in Dallas, looking to elevate their decor with a sleek and versatile table. Ready to illuminate your next event?

Product Info:


Make your event shine with our vibrant Illuminated L.E.D. furniture rentals! Illuminated furniture makes every event a glowing memory for the guests.

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