White Club Coffee Table

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  • Size 44" W x 22" L x 15" H
  • Color White
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White Club Coffee Table

At Modern Event Rental, we specialize in providing chic and contemporary pieces that are just right for any kind of event. Our White Club Coffee Table perfectly embodies this vision. It’s a sleek and sturdy coffee table that exudes a modern aesthetic. Its clean white finish makes it a versatile piece that seamlessly blends with other event decor. Constructed from durable materials, it guarantees to give your event a significant style boost while providing functionality.

A standout feature of the White Club Coffee Table is its flexibility in design to suit various events – be it a corporate conference, intimate gathering, or an elegant wedding. Measuring 48” X 24” X 20”, it offers ample room for guests to set down their drinks or essentials. Its size assures that it doesn’t consume much space, yet it stays useful and visually appealing. It’s refined look is achieved without sacrificing its solid, long-lasting build, making it a preferred choice for event planners. With the White Club Coffee Table, sophistication meets functionality in the most stylish way possible.