How to Plan a Stress-Free Event With Modern Event Rentals, Dallas

Event Rentals: Research suggests that event planning is one of the most stressful and anxiety-inducing jobs out there. It comes as no surprise though, considering the number of things there are to organize and coordinate at an event. Especially when the event is big, and expects some of the big names in any industry to turn up, the pressure to make it just perfect, is even higher.

How to Plan a Stress Free Event With Modern Event Rentals Dallas

You ideally need all of the moving parts of your event, including the furniture and décor rentals, the food, the photographer, and every other vendor to come together at the right time and place without any hindrance. But this isn’t a perfect world, and there is every chance for things to go wrong.

One of the best and only ways to reduce the chances of inconsistencies at your event is to be completely prepared for multiple scenarios and to use resources to set yourself up for success.

Let’s break it down for you.

Have a checklist

As one of the first steps in planning your event, make a well-thought-out checklist of things to include at your event, including the things to rent. Preparing one early on makes sure you do it with a level head, which eliminates the chances of you forgetting or leaving things out. Additionally, a clear list of things you need to rent allows you to scout for rental companies that have them right away. Deciding on the perfect provider for event rentals in Dallas is in fact, another crucial factor that helps reduce stress.

Determine a theme for your event and list the things you need. Visualize your event and according to your vision, look for rental companies that carry the items you need.

Anticipate different scenarios

While planning your event, it is always a good idea to anticipate some inconsistencies and prepare a contingency agenda for a different scenario. For example, make room for extra time to set up, should your furniture or décor items take longer to arrive. Have back-ups for little things like place cards, mic sets or centerpieces, should they not arrive on time. Delegate some of the smaller tasks and have members of your team take charge and handle possible problems, like music or light. Have additional hands on deck to help you out. Take precautionary measures for other possible issues and be prepared to handle a different scenario to prevent getting stressed out about it.

Look for a holistic Dallas event rentals service provider

As an extension to the tip of having extra hands on deck, the best way to ensure that is to hire an understanding and holistic Dallas event rentals company. A lot of them provide a random selection of rental items, and their extent of services ends there. A more holistic company would go beyond that to provide maximum value for money.

Here is an extensive guide on how to choose the right event rental company in Dallas.

At Modern, we love going the extra mile to help relieve you of at least one concern. Not only do we have the finest collections of furniture and décor event rental items in the best quality, but we also provide shipping, pick, set up and break down services. We also provide additional rentals like trusses, bar counters, bar stools, bar tables, podiums, etc. so that you have a one-stop shop to place your order. This means you will have a single vendor to coordinate with for the majority of your rental items.
What’s more, we also allow color, material, and branding customizations to let you fine-tune our pieces to your unique theme and brand.

Our products and services give you the most value for your money. Being in the event rental space for more than ten years, we know how challenging it can be to host an event, which is why we try to provide a full circle of services to help you ensure success.

Pick a company with a good reputation for quality

Choosing multiple suppliers for your event furniture and décor opens the risk of dwindling quality of products. On the other hand, selecting a reputable premium supplier for all your rental items assures you of the best quality and prevents your guests from judging your brand. Hence, always pick a supplier with a fair share of experience, a proven track record, and a satisfactory diary of positive testimonials.

Modern is one such premium supplier of event rentals in Dallas. We have a wide selection of furniture and décor pieces in a variety of designs to suit a versatile range of themes. We design and fabricate our rental items in-house to ensure the utmost quality, durability, and style. Rest assured; you will get everything you need in the best quality with Modern Event Rental.

Have a registration desk

A registration desk is a great way to encourage an organized flow of guests. It allows you to take a headcount and it creates a database of people who might be interested in the type of products and services displayed at the event. The headcount further helps organize the rest of the programs at the event, such as giveaways, party favors, certificate distribution, etc. In effect, it allows you to be much more prepared to cater to your attendees and eliminates any last-minute surprises. Talk about a stress reliever!

At Modern, we have a range of registration desks in classic art deco designs. They are versatile, suitable for all events, and double up as utility tables as well. You can also customize them with your branding and have a few members of your team take care of the registration process.

Bottom line

Planning an event down to the littlest of details and preparing for contingencies, helps reduce the level of risk and uncertainty to a great extent. A great holistic provider of event rentals in Dallas further helps ensure a seamless rental experience. At Modern, we not only provide the highest quality rentals in furniture, décor and more, but we also provide additional services of delivery, pick-up, set-up, and breakdown, so that our event hosts can focus on other important matters, without worrying about the menial tasks

Partnering with Modern, thus allows you to stay stress-free and host a successful event.

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