Illuminate your Event with San Antonio Illuminated LED Furniture Rentals

San Antonio Illuminated LED Furniture Rentals

Planning an event in San Antonio and want to stand out? LED furniture is your answer. This post will guide you on how it can transform your event, making it modern and unforgettable.

Time to light up the night!

Benefits of Using Illuminated LED Furniture Rentals

Using LED furniture for events creates a modern and unique atmosphere that captivates guests’ attention. The energy-efficient and customizable nature of L.E.D. furniture enhances the event’s eco-friendly and versatile ambiance, offering a captivating visual experience.

Creates a Unique and Modern Atmosphere

L.E.D. furniture lights up any event in San Antonio with a modern vibe. These glowing pieces make spaces feel fresh and innovative. Picture tables, chairs, and bars that shine in vibrant colors.

They grab attention and set the mood for fun or elegance, depending on what you choose.

furniture fits perfectly. It brings energy to the scene without saying a word—creating conversations and memories that last long after the lights dim.

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Using LED furniture for events in San Antonio, TX, is a smart move. It uses less power than traditional lighting. This means your event can shine bright without using a lot of electricity.

Saving energy helps keep the earth clean and healthy.

LED items also last longer. You won’t need to replace them as often as other types of furniture light bulbs. This is good for our planet because it creates less waste.

Versatile and Customizable

L.E.D. furniture can change any event into a magical scene. You pick the colors and styles to match your theme. From elegant vibrant corporate events, these pieces transform spaces beautifully.

Imagine an illuminated bar that shifts hues to match your company logo or a sleek, modern lounge area that glows softly under the night sky.

With remote controls, you can adjust brightness and color from anywhere in the venue. This means as the evening goes on, you can change the mood without interrupting the fun. Want softer lights for dinner? Or maybe vibrant flashes for dance time? You’ve got it! L.E.D.

Furniture makes it easy to create unforgettable experiences for all your guests.

Top San Antonio Illuminated LED Furniture Rentals

Quick Recommendation

For a quick recommendation, be sure to check out the product list or scroll down for more detailed reviews.

Comparison Table

Product NameSize (W x L x H)Weight (pounds)MaterialCategory
6FT ILLUMINATED TABLE72″ x 30″ x 31″LED Furniture
8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE96″ x 30″ x 31″175
ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY15″ x 15″ x 42″25
ILLUMINATED SOFA72″ x 30″ x 35″Robust polyethylene
LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE24″ x 24″ x 16″LED Furniture, Coffee Table & End Table Rental
LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE48″ x 24″ x 16″Coffee Table & End Table Rental, LED Furniture
Metro LED Table96″ x 30″ x 30″Cafe Table Rental, LED Furniture
WHITE ACRYLIC LED SERPENTINE TABLE148.8″ x 30″ x 30″High-quality white acrylicLED Furniture
WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE96″ x 40″ x 30″LED Furniture



Vibrant communal gatherings in San Antonio, Texas.


  • Illuminated communal table for vibrant and inviting ambiance
  • Spacious 6ft width for accommodating multiple guests
  • Durable construction with a weight of 100 pounds
  • Convenient 42 – inch height for comfortable standing or seating
  • Perfect for bars, restaurants, and social gathering spaces
  • Sleek design to elevate the visual appeal of any environment

The 6FT ILLUMINATED COMMUNAL TABLE shines as a top choice for anyone looking to add a splash of light and connectivity to their events. Its illuminated glass surface, powered by vibrant LEDs, doesn’t just brighten up the space – it brings people together. Picture this: fundraiser awed by the table’s glow, naturally gathering around it. The table’s sturdy aluminum legs ensure that no matter how lively the discussions get, everything stays in place.

Here’s why it steals the spotlight as our number one pick – its size and communal design encourage interaction among users in a unique way that standard tables simply can’t match. Imagine mingling effortlessly over shared appetizers or cocktails, the colorful lighting setting an unforgettable ambiance. This isn’t just furniture; it’s a conversation starter and mood setter all rolled into one.

Choosing this illuminated communal table does more than elevate your event’s aesthetics; it fosters connections and memorable moments under its enchanting glow. Now add to that durability thanks to those solid aluminum legs – you’ve got both style and stability ensuring your gathering goes off without a hitch.

Are you planning a lively and communal event in San Antonio, Texas? The 6FT Illuminated Communal Table from Modern Event Rental is perfect for the social butterfly who wants to create a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Elevate your event with this dynamic table – bring people together under its colorful glow!

Product Info:



Modern Elegance: Elevate Your Event with Captivating Illumination!


  • 6FT long table with built – in LED lights
  • Perfect for parties, events and gatherings
  • Sturdy construction with sleek design
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Creates a vibrant and colorful atmosphere
  • Great addition to any space

This 6FT ILLUMINATED TABLE lights up any event with its customizable color lighting and sleek frosted glass top. The sturdy aluminum legs ensure the table stands firm, blending into the background to let the glowing surface shine. It’s perfect for making floral arrangements pop or setting a mood with soft, ambient light. Whether it’s a fundraiser, or party, this table adds that modern flair everyone loves.

What sets this illuminated table apart is its versatility and ability to transform an event space into something magical. Imagine walking into a dimly lit room where this table sits as the centerpiece, gently illuminating everything around it – instantly captivating guests. It’s not just furniture; it’s an experience builder, designed to draw attention and spark conversations.

We chose this product as No. 2 in our list because of its outstanding ability to elevate event atmospheres effortlessly. While other pieces might be more functional or have different styles, none match the ambiance and versatility of this illuminated table – essential for anyone looking to add an unforgettable touch to their events.

The 6FT Illuminated Table is perfect for the modern event planner in Modern Event Rental who wants to elevate their events with a stylish and versatile centerpiece that exudes contemporary elegance. Add a captivating touch to your upcoming event!

Product Info:



Perfect for elevating gatherings with customizable LED lighting in San Antonio.


  • Size: 96″ x 30″ x 31″
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Illuminated surface
  • Sturdy construction
  • Eye – catching design

The 8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE takes any event from good to unforgettable. Picture this: You’re at a launch, the lights dim, and suddenly, this table illuminates the space with vibrant hues that match your theme perfectly. That’s the power of customization at your fingertips—choose any color to set the mood you want. Its durable design means it not only looks good but lasts through countless celebrations.

But why pick it as No. 3 on our list? While it shines (literally) in many aspects, there are two key factors that put it here. First, its versatility is unmatched—whether it’s a formal gathering or a high-energy bash, this table fits right in. Then there’s its wow factor; guests can’t help but be impressed by its glowing presence. However, we recognize that the weight might limit its suitability for all venues.

Choosing this illuminated table promises an elegant yet exciting atmosphere for any event you have lined up next in San Antonio events scene.The magic lies in how effortlessly it transforms a space—you control the vibe with just a click! So whether you aim to dazzle or enchant your guests, remember—it’s not just about furniture; it’s about creating experiences they’ll talk about long after the lights go out.

Ideal for the trend-setting party host in San Antonio’s vibrant event scene, the 8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE is perfect for anyone looking to elevate their gatherings with customizable LED lighting. Make your next event unforgettable!

Product Info:



Elevate your event with vibrant and customizable LED furniture.


  • Built – in LED lighting for a bright and attractive display
  • Sturdy construction made of durable materials
  • Compact 15×15 inch footprint for space – saving convenience
  • Impressive height of 42 inches for maximum visibility
  • Lightweight design at only 25 pounds makes it easy to move around
  • Versatile use for showcasing various items or products

The ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY stands out in any room with its sleek, modern design and integrated LED lighting system. Picture this: your event space is glowing with 16 different color options, each one setting a unique mood and atmosphere. Whether it’s a formal corporate event, this piece of furniture effortlessly becomes the centerpiece that guests talk about. Its sturdy construction means you don’t have to worry about wear and tear, while the easy-to-clean surface makes spills no big deal.

Beyond just looking good, the ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY serves a practical purpose too. It’s designed to be versatile – fitting perfectly into trade shows where you want your booth to grab attention or social celebrations that require that extra flair. Imagine transforming an ordinary venue into something extraordinary just by flicking on a switch; these tables do exactly that! Plus, they’re customizable which lets you create the exact vibe you’re going for, making them an indispensable tool for event organizers aiming to leave a lasting impression on their attendees.

The ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY is perfect for event planners and individuals in San Antonio looking to elevate their events with eye-catching, versatile rental furniture. Enhance your next event’s atmosphere and create a visually captivating space with our sleek, modern design – light up the occasion!

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Impress Guests with Striking LED-illuminated Communal Tables in San Antonio


  • Illuminated LED design
  • Spacious 72 – inch width
  • Versatile communal table
  • Modern and sleek aesthetic
  • Perfect for gatherings and events
  • Enhances ambience with adjustable lighting

Picture this — you’re hosting an event, and in the center of it all stands the Illuminated Pedestal Communal Table, glowing invitingly, drawing guests together. This isn’t just any table. With its sleek design and striking LED lights, it transforms your gathering into an unforgettable experience. What sets this table apart is not only its appearance but also its practicality. The customizable LED lights can change to match any theme, creating a vibe that’s both vibrant and captivating.

The durability of the Illuminated Pedestal Communal Table means it’s ready for anything your event throws at it — from lively conversations to countless dinner plates. The pedestal base is a clever touch; it frees up floor space and keeps things looking neat and tidy no matter the crowd size. Plus, pairing this table with different seating arrangements? A breeze. It’s all about combining comfort with technology to make every guest feel special.

Here’s where functionality meets flair: imagine tweaking the LED colors mid-event to shift moods or highlight moments – yes, it’s possible! Whether used for networking events or casual get-togethers among friends, this communal table ensures that every interaction around it is charged with energy and style.

The ILLUMINATED PEDESTAL COMMUNAL TABLE is perfect for event planners in San Antonio who want to impress guests with a sleek, versatile, and technologically advanced furniture piece. Elevate your event ambiance by adding this striking table to your rental collection today!

Product Info:



Elevate San Antonio Events with Stunning Illuminated Furniture Solutions!


  • Stunning LED lighting
  • Spacious 144 – inch width
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Ideal for communal settings
  • Durable construction
  • Creates a captivating ambiance

The ILLUMINATED SERPENTINE COMMUNAL TABLE is a game-changer for event organizers looking to make a bold statement. Picture this: a reception where guests are greeted by the stunning, flowing design of your tables, lit up in colors that match your theme perfectly. It’s not just about looks; these tables offer comfortable seating and are designed to fit various event spaces with their versatile configuration. They’re sturdy, easy to clean, and sure to be the talk of the night.

Now, let’s dive deeper into its standout feature—the customizable L.E.D lighting system. Imagine being able to change the ambiance of your event at the touch of a button. Whether it’s cool blues for a corporate gathering or warm reds for an intimate dinner, this table has got you covered. Plus, when paired with other illuminated pieces from our collection, it creates an immersive environment that will transport your guests into whatever world you’ve envisioned for them.

For anyone planning an event in San Antonio wanting something unforgettable—this table delivers on every front. Its high-quality materials ensure longevity while offering an eye-catching centerpiece that combines functionality with flair. The ease of setup and cleanup makes it ideal for busy planners who want their events to stand out without added hassle.

The ideal customer for the ILLUMINATED SERPENTINE COMMUNAL TABLE is an event planner or company in San Antonio looking to elevate their gatherings with a visually captivating and versatile piece. Explore the possibilities of creating unforgettable events with our illuminated communal table today!

Product Info:



Create Unforgettable Ambiance with Modern LED Furniture for Events


  • Illuminated sofa with energy – efficient LED lights
  • Made from robust polyethylene material
  • Weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use
  • Perfect for corporate functions, and parties
  • Dimensions: 72\”W x 30\”L x 35\”H
  • Includes LED lighting capability

The ILLUMINATED SOFA lights up any event, blending style, comfort, and advanced technology into one impressive package. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, this sofa turns heads with its modern design and customizable LED colors. Picture it at a nighttime garden party or a sleek corporate gathering—the vibrant glow adds an unforgettable ambiance that guests will rave about. Thanks to the weatherproof polyethylene build, you don’t have to worry about durability; this sofa stands strong against the elements while keeping your event stylish.

LED furniture has never been more functional or eye-catching. The energy-efficient LEDs integrated into the sofa’s frame let you match the mood or theme of your celebration with just a few clicks. Whether you’re setting up for a lively birthday bash, the ILLUMINATED SOFA adapts to your vision flawlessly. It’s not just about looks; sitting on this sofa is like lounging on a cloud—comfortable and contemporary. Plus, its robust size ensures there’s plenty of room for guests to relax and enjoy the evening together.

The illuminated sofa is perfect for the savvy event planner or host in San Antonio, seeking to create a modern and unforgettable ambiance for corporate functions, and parties. Elevate your events with style and technology – make a statement with the ILLUMINATED SOFA!

Product Info:



Modern Event Furniture with Vibrant Lighting for Stylish Occasions.


  • Glows with LED lights for an eye – catching look
  • Perfect size as a coffee or end table
  • Creates a cozy and stylish atmosphere
  • Easily portable and convenient to set up
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Adds a modern touch to any space

The LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE is a game-changer for events seeking to blend high-style with functionality. Imagine setting up this sleek, contemporary cube at your next outdoor gathering or indoor celebration. It’s not just a coffee table—it’s an experience. The durable construction ensures it can handle the rigors of any party or event, while advanced LED technology lets you bathe your space in whatever color fits the mood. From soft, warm glows to vibrant pulses of color, this cube has it all.

With its easy-to-use remote control, adjusting the ambiance becomes child’s play. Picture yourself hosting a chic evening soiree; within seconds you can shift from dinner-appropriate lighting to dance-ready hues without missing a beat. The tabletop’s translucent material evenly diffuses light, creating that sought-after sophisticated glow that guests will talk about long after the night ends. This piece isn’t just furniture; it transforms spaces and makes memories brighter.

Whether placed beside elegant lounge chairs or arranged as a stand-alone piece to draw attention, the LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE elevates every occasion. Its size—24″ W x 24″ L x 16″ H—makes it versatile for both small intimate settings and larger festive scenes alike. Perfect for those who appreciate design and innovation in equal measure, this coffee cube brings events to life with just the touch of a button.

Are you looking to elevate your event with stylish and versatile furniture? Our LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE is perfect for the chic individual who wants to add a touch of modern elegance and vibrant lighting to their indoor or outdoor events. Get ready to impress your guests with this sleek and functional piece!

Product Info:



Modernize Events with Stunning Illuminated Furniture in San Antonio


  • Large size: 48″ wide, 24″ long, and 16″ high
  • Doubles as a coffee table and end table rental
  • Equipped with LED lights for an eye – catching effect
  • Perfect for adding ambiance to any event or space
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Sturdy construction suitable for various uses

Imagine stepping into a room where the furniture itself sets the mood. That’s the magic of the LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE, a standout piece in any event setting. With its sleek design and innovative LED technology, this table brings both style and function to parties, and corporate gatherings alike. The clean lines fit seamlessly with any decor style, while the white translucent finish beautifully showcases a spectrum of vibrant colors. Ideal for creating an instant ambiance, this coffee table is not just a place to set your drink but a conversation starter.

What really sets this coffee table apart is its energy-efficient LED lights. They offer an uninterrupted glow, ensuring your space remains lit throughout the event – without running up the electricity bill. It’s sturdy too; you can confidently place business brochures or beverages on it without worrying about spills or stability issues. Plus, at 48″ W x 24″ L x 16″ H, it’s sized perfectly for social settings. Whether you’re looking to impress clients or give guests an unforgettable experience, incorporating this illuminating piece can elevate any occasion.

Are you hosting an event in San Antonio and want to add a touch of modern sophistication? Meet the ideal customer for our LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE – someone who craves stylish, energy-efficient furniture that effortlessly sets the ambiance. Elevate your event with the perfect blend of style and functionality; rent our LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE today!

Product Info:

10. Metro LED Table


Dazzling Illumination for Trendy Indoor and Outdoor Events


  • Sleek and modern LED table design
  • Perfect for cafe ambiance or outdoor events
  • 96 – inch size for spacious tabletop area
  • Adjustable LED lighting with various color options
  • Convenient rental option available
  • Durable construction for long – lasting use

Imagine hosting an event that stays in everyone’s memory long after it ends. The Metro LED Table can make that happen. This table isn’t just furniture; it’s a mood setter, ideal for everything from corporate gatherings. With its sleek design and adjustable LED lights, you get to choose the color theme that best fits your event. It’s like having a chameleon at your party – ready to adapt and dazzle.

The beauty of this table lies in its ease of use and versatility. The wireless feature means no tripping over cords, and the remote control lets you change settings without breaking a sweat. Picture this: as evening falls, with a simple click, the vibe shifts from business casual to dance party. And don’t worry about durability; this table is built tough, making it perfect for both indoor smiles and outdoor laughs.

Now let’s talk convenience – because who doesn’t love something easy? Set up is quick, meaning more time enjoying your event and less time fussing with preparations. Whether it’s under the stars or in a grand hall, adding one (or several) of these tables instantly upgrades any gathering space into an unforgettable scene filled with light and color.

The Metro LED Table is perfect for the trendy event organizer in Modern Event Rental who wants to add a sleek and contemporary touch to their indoor or outdoor events. Elevate your gatherings with dazzling illumination and practical style!

Product Info:



Elevate San Antonio events with modern sophistication and captivating ambiance.


  • High – quality white acrylic material
  • Unique serpentine shape
  • Customizable LED lights for adjustable lighting
  • Generous size of 148.8″ W x 30″ L x 30″ H
  • Falls under the LED Furniture category

The WHITE ACRYLIC LED SERPENTINE TABLE transforms any event into a memorable experience. Crafted from durable, high-quality white acrylic, this table shines with a glossy elegance that catches the eye. Its serpentine shape is not just unique; it adds a dynamic sense of movement to your space. Now imagine pairing this with customizable LED lights. You get an ambiance that truly matches the mood and theme of your gathering, making every moment feel special.

Let’s dive deeper into those LED lights—they’re not just for show. They help create an unforgettable atmosphere, whether you’re aiming for chic sophistication or a vibrant party vibe. Picture this: guests walking into the room and being greeted by the soft glow of LEDs set to match your event’s colors, their expressions lighting up as they take in the stunning centerpiece that is your table. It’s about more than just furniture; it’s about crafting experiences that linger in people’s minds.

Moreover, this table stands strong at 148.8″ W x 30″ L x 30″ H—large enough to serve as a focal point without overwhelming your space. Whether it’s used for dining or display, its visual appeal and practicality make it an essential piece for anyone looking to elevate their event décor game in Texas’ bustling event scene.

Ideal for San Antonio event planners seeking to elevate their gatherings with a touch of modern sophistication and captivating ambiance. Illuminate your events with the mesmerizing glow of our WHITE ACRYLIC LED SERPENTINE TABLE – redefine luxury today!

Product Info:



Illuminate Your Space with Sophistication: LED Furniture for All Occasions


  • Glowing white acrylic table for modern aesthetic
  • Built – in LED lights adding a cool ambiance
  • Large 96 inches width for generous space
  • Durable construction suitable for frequent use
  • Sleek design to elevate any environment
  • Eye – catching centerpiece for gatherings

The WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE sparkles like a diamond at any event. This piece isn’t just a table; it’s an experience. Crafted with durable acrylic, it stands strong against bustling crowds and heavy use. The sleek white design fits seamlessly into any theme. What truly sets this table apart is its LED lighting feature—colors shift at your command, matching the mood or decor of your gathering perfectly.

Imagine walking into a room aglow with soft, changing lights emanating from below your cocktail glass. It’s not just practical as a surface for drinks and snacks—it’s an instant mood setter and conversation starter. Whether indoors under dimmed lights or outdoors under the stars, this table turns ordinary spaces into memorable places.

Drawing on feedback from countless gatherings in our city known for vibrant events, we’ve seen firsthand how this LED furniture creates unforgettable atmospheres. Its hefty size ensures no one is left standing, bringing people together in shared awe and comfort. For those looking to make their event stand out without saying a word—the WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE does the talking for you.

The WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE is perfect for the modern, design-savvy individual seeking versatile and stylish furniture. Whether you’re hosting a special event or elevating your home decor, this table is ideal. Experience the blend of functionality and artistry – illuminate your space with sophistication at Modern Event Rental!

Product Info:

Popular Illuminated LED Furniture Rentals

San Antonio Illuminated LED furniture rentals

San Antonio shines bright with L.E.D. furniture that turns events into unforgettable experiences. Picture cool, glowing tables and chairs that set the scene for a modern and vibrant atmosphere.

Among the crowd favorites are illuminated long tables, perfect for dinners or gatherings. These come in sizes like 6 feet or even bigger at 8 feet, making them a hit for both small and large groups.

Then you have options that elevate any event space instantly—like high stools for those lively chats over drinks and glowing sofas offering comfy seating with a twist of fun. For something unique, choose light-up coffee tables or cube seats—they not only provide practicality but also double as eye-catching decor pieces.

Each piece is energy-efficient too, meaning your stunning setup goes easy on the planet while lighting up your night.


In conclusion, when planning events in San Antonio, Modern Event Rental is a must to create a vibrant and modern atmosphere. For the best options, consider the 6FT Illuminated Communal Table for a sleek and inviting space or the 6FT Illuminated Table to add color and vibrancy to any gathering.

These additions will surely elevate your event’s ambiance!


1. What makes in San Antonio Illuminated LED furniture rentals stand out for event rentals?

LED furniture, like illuminated tables and bars, brings a modern twist to any event. They light up the space, creating a unique atmosphere that guests love. It’s not just about having somewhere to sit – it’s about making your event shine.

2. Can Illuminated LED furniture rentals be used for all types of events?

Absolutely! Whether you’re throwing an upbeat corporate gathering, L.E.D. furniture fits right in. Its versatile design means it can elevate the look of any occasion, from formal to fun.

3. Is setting up LED furniture rentals complicated?

Not at all! One of the best parts is how easy they are to set up and use., You won’t need any special tools or skills – just place them where you want them and watch as they transform your event space with their glow.

4. Where can I find L.E.D furniture rentals in San Antonio?

Many modern event rental companies offer a variety of L.E.D options – from tables that illuminate your dining area to bars that light up your drinks station., A quick search will show you who has what you need for your next big bash!

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