Unforgettable Events: San Diego Light Up Bar Rentals

San Diego Illuminated Bar Rentals-Modern Event Rental

Planning an event in San Diego can be tricky, especially when you want it to stand out. One cool fact is that LED bars can truly transform any event space. Our guide will show you the ins and outs of light up bar rentals in San Diego, offering solutions to make your occasion unforgettable.

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Benefits of Renting a Light Up Bar in San Diego

Illuminated Round Bar San Diego-Modern Event Rental

Renting a light-up bar can elevate the ambiance of your event. You can customize it to showcase your brand and it offers convenience and portability.

Enhances event ambiance

Light up bars transform any San Diego event’s atmosphere. They add a unique glow that makes the space exciting and inviting. With LED furniture, like light up bars, you create a modern vibe that guests love.

These pieces are not just for serving drinks; they play a huge role in setting the mood. The colorful lights can match your event theme or change colors to fit different moments of the evening.

Using these glowing bars also means you get to show off your style or brand in a fun way. Imagine your logo shining brightly on the bar’s surface. This catches eyes and ensures people remember your event long after it ends.

It’s all about creating experiences that stand out, and with these light-up features, you’re sure to leave a lasting impression.

Customizable options for branding

Your event’s vibe gets a big boost with light up bars, but the real magic? That’s in the branding options. You can slap your logo or any message right on the surface. This isn’t just about showing off your brand; it’s about making every part of your event scream “you.” Think of these glowing counters as blank canvases waiting for your personal touch.

Whether it’s a catchy slogan or an eye-popping design, you’ve got free rein to make a statement that sticks with guests long after last call.

Different models like the 12FT DIAMETER ROUND L.E.D. BAR or the ZIVA GOLD MIRROR BAR offer various backdrops for your logos and messages, ensuring there’s something that perfectly matches your event theme.

And let’s not forget about customer service—always there to help guide you through setting up these portable masterpieces anywhere you need them. This means no headaches over technical stuff; just pure creative freedom to brand away.

Branding is telling a story that shows how much you are alike – Seth Godin

Convenience and portability

Light up bars make parties in San Diego easy to set up. You can move these glowing counters anywhere, from beaches to backyards. No need for heavy tools or long hours of assembly. Just pick a spot, and your party has its centerpiece ready in minutes.

These bars light up, adding a cool vibe without needing extra decorations. Whether you choose a bar that’s 4 feet or 12 feet round, carrying and setting it up is simple. This flexibility lets event organizers change locations easily if the weather shifts or more guests arrive than expected.

With such portable bars, making an event special becomes hassle-free and fun.

Types of Light Up Bar Rentals

Quick Recommendation

Hey there, for a quick recommendation be sure to check out the product list. If you want more in-depth reviews, feel free to scroll down for more details.


San Diego Illuminated Round Bar Rental

Vibrant and customizable lighting bar for memorable events.


  • 446-inch width, length, and 42-inch height
  • Customizable full – color L.E.D. lighting
  • Round design for easy access
  • Easy setup, tear – down, and transportation
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Picture this: A grand event with a 12FT DIAMETER ROUND L.E.D. BAR lighting up the night, making every moment feel magical. This bar isn’t just about serving drinks; it’s about creating experiences that last forever. With its contemporary design and customizable full-color L.E.D. lighting, it transforms any corporate event, or birthday into a vibrant celebration. Its round shape not only looks sleek but promotes easy interaction among guests and bartenders alike—everyone gets served quickly without missing out on the fun.

Setting up this masterpiece is a breeze, making it a top pick for those who want to impress yet need convenience. Imagine transporting your guests to a dynamic space where the mood perfectly matches your theme, all thanks to the tailored lighting of this bar. The size ensures nobody waits too long for their drink, enhancing overall guest satisfaction.

We’ve chosen this 12FT ROUND L.E.D. BAR as our No. 1 selection because it effortlessly combines functionality with an unforgettable visual appeal—a rare find in event planning essentials that cater to both indoor and outdoor settings seamlessly.

San Diego Light Up Bar Rentals welcomes event planners and party hosts looking to elevate their gatherings with a stunning 12FT DIAMETER ROUND L.E.D. BAR – the perfect choice for adding a vibrant touch to corporate events, birthdays, trade shows and more. Elevate your next event with our customizable full-color lighting bar today!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/round-l-e-d-bar/


San Diego Light up bar rental

Elevate your San Diego event with customizable LED lights.


  • LED lights for vibrant and customizable illumination
  • Spacious 48 – inch width for ample serving area
  • Durable construction with a weight of 50 pounds
  • Modern design at 42 inches tall
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Versatile usage for events and home entertainment

The 4FT LIGHT UP BAR checks all the boxes for making any event stand out. At a sizeable 48 inches wide and standing tall at 42 inches, it’s perfect for corporate gatherings, birthday parties, or even trade shows. It’s not just about serving drinks; this bar transforms any venue into a vibrant space with its customizable LED lights. Imagine setting the bar to match your company colors or pulsing in sync with the music—a surefire way to elevate party vibes.

One major plus is its eco-friendly LEDs. They light up the night without racking up a huge electric bill, showing you can be both stylish and sustainable. Use one for an intimate gathering or line several together for a grander affair—the versatility here is unbeatable.

We picked this as No.2 in our list because it strikes that rare balance between eye-catching design and practical application perfectly suited for events in vibrant cities like ours where memorable experiences are always sought after. Its sleek look fits seamlessly into any event style whether laid-back beach parties or upscale corporate functions—truly an essential rental item that takes your occasion from good to unforgettable.

This 4FT LIGHT UP BAR is perfect for anyone hosting corporate events, birthday celebrations, or trade shows in San Diego. Create a vibrant and distinctive atmosphere with customizable LED lights – elevate your event now!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/4-ft-l-e-d-light-up-bar/


San Diego Light up Bar Rental

Vibrant LED-lit Bar Rental for Memorable Event Atmospheres


  • 6 feet long with eye-catching light-up feature
  • Spacious and sleek design for entertaining
  • Sturdy construction weighing 80 pounds
  • Provides ample space for storage and serving
  • Ideal for home or commercial use
  • Easy to assemble and move around

The 6FT LIGHT UP BAR lights up any event, literally. Imagine this: your guests walk in, and their eyes catch the vibrant glow of LED lights from the bar. These aren’t just any lights; they offer a spectrum of colors to match your theme, whether it’s a cool blue for a corporate function. This feature alone turns an ordinary space into something extraordinary, setting the mood perfectly.

What makes this bar land at No. 3 on our list is its unbeatable combination of style and functionality. It’s not only about looks; the bar’s size (72 inches wide, 24 inches long, and 42 inches high) and sturdy build can withstand busy events without breaking a sweat. Plus, assembling it is a breeze – no frustrating instructions or piles of screws. Event planners in our area have noted how this piece matches seamlessly with various themes and decorations, making it their go-to option for hassle-free setup and striking aesthetics.

Choosing this light-up bar means you’re ready to elevate your event game. Its LED lights don’t just serve drinks; they create experiences that linger in memories long after the last guest leaves. And why No. 3? Because while it scores high on almost all fronts – versatility, design appeal, ease of use – there are products out there pushing boundaries further with technology integration like touch controls or customization apps tailored specifically for personal use beyond rental scenarios which edge slightly ahead only by offering newer tech features.

San Diego Light Up Bar Rentals offers the 6FT LIGHT UP BAR tailored for event organizers seeking a visually striking and versatile option. Elevate your events with its spectrum of color options – choose this enduring and easy-to-assemble bar for your next gathering!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/6-ft-l-e-d-light-up-bar/


8' round illuminated bar rental

Elevate San Diego gatherings with a modern, dynamic LED touch.


  • Enormous 8 – foot diameter for a grand and impressive display
  • Eye – catching LED lighting for vibrant and captivating visuals
  • Durable construction for long – lasting use
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for convenience
  • Versatile design suitable for various events and venues
  • Remote control feature for effortless customization

The 8FT DIAMETER ROUND LED BAR takes any event from good to unforgettable. Picture this: a sleek, modern bar glowing with customizable LED lights, right in the heart of your party. It’s not just about looks; this bar is built tough to handle the buzz of corporate events. With its generous size, it offers plenty of room for guests to gather round, adding a vibrant focal point that keeps conversations flowing. The fact that you can tweak the colors and brightness means every event gets its own unique vibe—imagine tailoring it to match your company colors.

What sets this bar apart isn’t just its eye-catching design but how incredibly functional it is too. Ample storage space hidden behind its circular elegance ensures bartenders have everything they need at their fingertips—a must-have for keeping those drinks coming without any hitches. Plus, adjusting the dynamic LED lighting system is simple, letting you switch up the mood as night falls or when the party kicks into high gear. Whether setup near sandy shores or within bustling city venues, this piece turns heads and elevates experiences.

Bringing something like the 8FT DIAMETER ROUND LED BAR into your event planning arsenal guarantees memorable nights out under San Diego’s starry skies—or anywhere else for that matter. Its blend of style and substance makes it an easy choice for anyone looking to add a splash of wow-factor while ensuring guests are well-served throughout their festivities.

The 8FT DIAMETER ROUND LED BAR is perfect for event planners and hosts in San Diego looking to elevate their gatherings with a modern, dynamic touch. Bring the wow factor to your next event – rent the LED bar today!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/8-ft-round-led-bar/



Elevate San Diego events with a vibrant and durable light-up bar.


  • 96-inch wide light-up bar
  • Adds ambiance with its dynamic lighting
  • Sturdy construction at 75 pounds
  • Perfect for parties and events
  • Easy to transport and set up
  • Elevates any gathering with style

The 8FT LIGHT UP BAR takes any event from ordinary to extraordinary with its vibrant and customizable color options. Picture this – you’re hosting a birthday bash, and the centerpiece of your venue is this dazzling bar, glowing in colors that match your theme. It’s not just about serving drinks; it’s about creating an ambiance that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. With the easy-to-use remote control, switching between hues or setting up color-changing effects is effortless, making sure the mood stays lively throughout your event.

This bar isn’t just a pretty face; it’s built tough too. Events can get hectic but thanks to its robust construction, this bar stands sturdy—no wobbles here! Plus, its sleek design adds a touch of class to any setting. And let’s talk versatility—the modular design means if you’ve got space for more than 8 feet of bar, connecting additional units is as simple as pie. Whether it’s for trade shows where branding matters or special celebrations that demand something unique, adding one (or several) of these bars promises an unforgettable setup.

Imagine hosting an event where the talk of the night isn’t just about what was served at the bar but how incredibly cool it looked doing so. The ability to customize lighting lets hosts play with themes like never before—a neon glow for an ’80s throwback party or elegant whites for a chic affair; possibilities are endless. What makes these light-up bars even better? They ease one part of planning by being both functional and decorative—a win-win in any book!

Are you planning a birthday celebration, trade show, or special event in San Diego? Elevate the ambiance with our 8FT LIGHT UP BAR! Perfect for those seeking a vibrant and customizable setup. Get ready to impress your guests – elevate your event with our sleek and durable light-up bar.

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/8-ft-l-e-d-light-up-bar/



Elevate Your Events with Customizable LED-Lit Curved Bar Solution


  • 72 – inch wide bar with integrated customizable LED lighting
  • Durable and easy-to-clean materials used
  • 6 – foot length to accommodate multiple staff and display options
  • Integrated LED system with adjustable colors and brightness
  • Perfect for showcasing a wide selection of beverage options

The ILLUMINATED CURVED BAR grabs your attention with its sleek, sophisticated design, perfectly suiting modern events like corporate gatherings. Its standout feature is the customizable LED lighting system. Imagine setting this bar up on a beach event at dusk; as the sky darkens, the bar can shift through colors matching the sunset, creating an unforgettable ambiance. The ease of cleaning and durable materials mean that even outdoor events won’t leave a mark on its surface.

Customers have raved about how this 6-foot long curved bar doesn’t just serve drinks but becomes a part of the event’s experience. At the couple matched the bar’s lights to their theme colors, making it a centerpiece for photos. For business events, organizers love how it encourages networking – guests naturally gather around its inviting curve. This isn’t just furniture; it’s an upgrade to any social gathering space.

Moreover, with enough room for multiple staff members behind it and plenty of space for an array of beverage options, no guest waits too long for service—adding efficiency in elegance. Whether you’re planning an intimate get-together or a large bash, this illuminated curved bar ensures your event stands out while keeping everyone refreshed and talking about that “cool light-up bar” they saw.

The ILLUMINATED CURVED BAR is ideal for the modern event planner in San Diego looking to elevate their corporate events or gatherings with a sleek and spacious bar offering customizable LED lighting. Elevate your next event with our sophisticated bar solution!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/illuminated-curved-bar/



Illuminate Your San Diego Events with a Customizable LED Bar


  • Wide: 120 inches
  • Strong: Holds up to 250 pounds
  • Curved design for stability
  • Sturdy: Made of durable materials
  • Versatile: Can be used for a variety of applications
  • Easy to install

The LARGE CURVED TRUSS BAR is a game-changer for events that demand both style and substance. Picture this — you’re planning an event, big or small, corporate or intimate, and you want to make sure it’s unforgettable. This bar steps up the game with its sleek curved design and customizable LED lighting, making it more than just a place to grab a drink; it creates an immersive environment that elevates the entire event experience.

What sets it apart from other bars is not only its eye-catching appearance but also its practicality. With dimensions of 120″ W x 12″ L x 42″ H and weighing in at 250 lbs., it’s built sturdy yet offers enough space to serve guests efficiently without creating bottlenecks. Imagine setting the mood with LED lighting tailored to your theme – whether cool blues for a corporate gala or warm ambers for a cozy – this bar does it all. Plus, given its size and weight, moving around is surprisingly manageable, ensuring flexibility in event design without sacrificing aesthetics.

But let’s talk about versatility – from trade shows where first impressions are everything to private parties where ambiance dictates the night’s success; this truss bar fits seamlessly into any setting. Its capability to morph into whatever color scheme you’ve envisioned practically makes it a shape-shifter among bars! So whether you’re hosting by the beach under San Diego stars or in a chic downtown loft – your guests won’t just enjoy their favorite beverages; they’ll be talking about the unique atmosphere long after the last toast.

The ideal customer for the LARGE CURVED TRUSS BAR is a San Diego event planner or host looking to elevate their corporate events, trade shows, and private parties with a sleek and customizable LED-lit bar. Make your next event stand out with this stunning centerpiece that creates an immersive experience for your guests!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/led-big-curved-truss-bar/


Elevate San Diego gatherings with vibrant, animated Illuminated L.E.D Bars!


  • 72″ W x 24″ L x 42″ H size
  • Customizable L.E.D lighting system
  • Durable and robust frame construction
  • Versatile design for indoor and outdoor use
  • Ideal for beverage serving and event ambiance enhancement

The MATRIX 6′ L.E.D BAR is a game changer for events needing a splash of color and innovation. Picture this: a robust, 72 inches wide bar glowing with an array of vibrant colors, easily becoming the centerpiece at your event. Whether it’s set up indoors or outdoors, its versatile design fits any theme you’re aiming for. Now imagine guests’ faces lighting up as they approach the bar, not just to grab a drink but to admire the dazzling display. This isn’t just any bar; it’s a conversation starter, ready to make your gathering unforgettable.

With its durable frame and customizable L.E.D lighting system, planning an event in our city becomes less about fretting over decor details and more about crafting memorable experiences. You can select from countless colors and patterns to align with your event branding or personal taste—think of it as having full control over setting the mood without saying a word. Plus, given its size and practicality for serving beverages, you won’t need separate spaces for refreshments and entertainment; this L.E.D bar does both beautifully.

Incorporating such innovative solutions like the MATRIX 6′ L.E.D BAR adds undeniable flair to events. It’s not just about providing drinks; it’s about creating atmospheres where every corner offers something special—a visual treat that keeps people talking long after the party ends.

This MATRIX 6′ L.E.D BAR is perfect for the San Diego party planner wanting to create an unforgettable event. Light up your next gathering with vibrant, animated L.E.D lighting and a practical design that serves beverages in style! Add a captivating visual spectacle to your event – elevate every moment with this versatile light-up bar. Elevate your next event, rent now!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/matrix-6-l-e-d-bar/

9. Matrix 8′ L.E.D BAR


Elevate San Diego Events with Light up Bar Rentals


  • Matrix 8′ L.E.D BAR is 96 inches wide, 24 inches long, and 42 inches high
  • It has a unique design with L.E.D lighting
  • Can be easily installed and operated
  • Offers bright and efficient illumination
  • Made of durable materials for long – term use
  • Ideal for various indoor or outdoor applications

The Matrix 8′ L.E.D BAR steals the show at any event, offering a splash of color and sleek design that’s hard to ignore. When you’re planning an occasion in sunny California—where expectations run high for memorable experiences—this bar becomes your secret weapon. It shines with bright, customizable LED lights that easily match your theme or mood. Imagine having this eye-catching centerpiece glowing in hues that complement your corporate logo; it doesn’t just serve drinks, it enhances the whole atmosphere.

This versatile bar isn’t only about good looks though; its generous size means bartenders can easily store and serve a wide range of beverages, keeping guests happy all night long. The sturdy construction ensures it stands firm, even when the party gets wild. Renting from Modern Event Rental presents a hassle-free solution—they cover delivery, setup, and teardown so you can focus on hosting an unforgettable bash. Whether it’s for a trade show booth or a private party by the beach—the Matrix 8’ L.E.D BAR is more than a rental item; it’s an experience enhancer.

Perfect for event organizers in San Diego looking to enhance their venue with a premium L.E.D bar – elevate your events today!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/matrix-8-l-e-d-bar/



Elevate your San Diego events with its sleek LED design.


  • Curved design for enhanced stability
  • Durable steel construction for long – lasting use
  • Compact size for easy transportation and storage
  • Versatile applications for various events and venues
  • Easy setup and disassembly
  • Supports heavy loads up to 150 pounds

The SMALL CURVED TRUSS BAR stands out as a game-changer in the event planning world. Picture this, you’re gearing up for an unforgettable night, and central to your venue is this sleek, contemporary piece that not only serves its purpose but becomes a conversation starter. Its lightweight yet sturdy design means it’s easy to set up and can withstand the buzz of any gathering from elegant to pulsating parties. The customizable LED lights add another layer of versatility – whether you want a soft glow for a romantic ambiance or vibrant colors pulsing to the beat of the music.

What sets this bar apart is how it manages to cover a large span without looking bulky. It maintains a modern aesthetic that blends seamlessly with any theme you have in mind. Imagine guests walking into your space, drawn by the intriguing curve and mesmerizing lights of the bar – it’s not just about serving drinks; it’s about creating memories. Plus, for those hosting in our scenic city where events are known for their flair, having such an innovative solution ensures your occasion leaves a lasting impression without going overboard on logistics or cost.

Choosing the SMALL CURVED TRUSS BAR means opting for elegance and efficiency combined – turning heads while keeping everything flowing smoothly throughout your event.

Perfect for event planners and party hosts in San Diego, our SMALL CURVED TRUSS BAR is designed for those who demand both style and functionality. Elevate your events with its sleek design and customizable LED lights – take your gatherings to the next level!

Product Info: https://www.moderneventrental.com/product/led-curved-truss-bar/


Choosing the perfect bar for your event in San Diego can turn a good gathering into an unforgettable one. With options like the 12FT DIAMETER ROUND L.E.D. BAR, you get not only a visually stunning centerpiece but also practical features like easy setup and versatile indoor-outdoor use.

For smaller spaces or intimate events, the 4FT LIGHT UP BAR shines bright with its LED lights and modern design, proving size doesn’t limit style or function. Investing in either of these bars means choosing convenience, customization, and a surefire way to light up your next event.


1. What types of events are light up bars great for?

Light up bars add a cool vibe to any event, like parties, or corporate gatherings.

2. Can I customize the colors of a light up bar to match my event theme?

Yes, you can choose colors that perfectly match your event’s theme.

3. Are light up bars safe to use outdoors?

Absolutely, they’re designed to be safe and dazzling for both indoor and outdoor settings.

4. How much does it cost to rent a light up bar in San Diego?

The price varies based on size and rental duration but expect competitive rates that fit your budget.

5. Do companies provide delivery and setup for the rented light up bars?

Yes, Modern Event Rental will handle delivery and setup so you can focus on enjoying your event.

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