Light Up Your Event with Anaheim Illuminated LED Furniture Rentals

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Planning an event in Anaheim, California, and looking to make it unforgettable? One fact stands out – LED furniture rentals can transform any gathering. This article guides you through selecting the perfect illuminated pieces to elevate your event ambiance.

Get ready for insights that will light up your planning process!

Transform Your Event with Anaheim Illuminated LED Furniture Rentals

Quick Recommendation

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Comparison Table

Product NameSize (W x L x H)Weight (pounds)PriceCategory
6FT ILLUMINATED TABLE72″ x 30″ x 31″LED Furniture
8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE96″ x 30″ x 31″175$1,199.99
ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY15″ x 15″ x 42″25LED Furniture
ILLUMINATED SOFA72″ x 30″ x 35″
LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE48″ x 24″ x 16″Coffee Table & End Table Rental, LED Furniture
Metro LED Table96″ x 30″ x 30″Cafe Table Rental, LED Furniture
WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE96″ x 40″ x 30″LED Furniture



Create Memorable Gatherings with Our Illuminated Communal Tables!


  • Illuminated communal table for vibrant gatherings
  • Spacious 6 – foot surface for socializing and dining
  • Sturdy construction weighing 100 pounds
  • Versatile 42 – inch height for various uses
  • Durable design suitable for indoor and outdoor settings
  • Eye – catching addition to any event or venue

The 6FT ILLUMINATED COMMUNAL TABLE takes center stage at any event, combining style with practicality to create unforgettable moments. Its sleek design, featuring a glass top lit by colorful LEDs, offers more than just a place to set down your drink. This table becomes the heart of any gathering, encouraging people to come together and share in the warmth of its glow. Sturdy aluminum legs ensure stability as guests lean in, mingling and sparking conversations that might not have happened otherwise. Ideal for fundraisers or reunions, this table lights up not just itself but also the faces of those around it.

What truly sets this communal table apart is how it enhances the social vibe of an event. Picture a soft ambient light drawing guests in — suddenly strangers become friends under its inviting luminescence. It’s why we rank this illuminated piece as number one on our list; it does more than serve a functional purpose. It creates an atmosphere where memories are made and bonds are formed without feeling forced or artificial.

Choosing this illuminated communal table means opting for an experience rather than just another piece of furniture at your events. It’s perfect for anyone looking to add that special touch that encourages guests to connect on a deeper level – making every occasion memorable and lively with color and light.

Enhance your event at Anaheim L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals with the 6FT ILLUMINATED COMMUNAL TABLE, perfect for social butterflies who love uniting diverse groups under the romantic glow of colorful LEDs – elevate your gatherings today!

Product Info:



Elevate Your Event with Illuminated Elegance and Customizable Lighting


  • Illuminated surface creates a vibrant, eye – catching display
  • Generous 6 – foot size provides ample space for various uses
  • LED lighting offers energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination
  • Sleek and modern design adds a touch of elegance to any environment
  • Sturdy construction ensures durability and stability
  • Perfect for events, trade shows, or stylish home decor

Picture this: a 6FT ILLUMINATED TABLE lighting up your event, turning heads and sparking conversations. With its sleek frosted glass top that glows from within, you can choose the color to match your theme or mood. This isn’t just any table; it’s a piece of LED furniture designed to make a statement. The sturdy aluminum legs ensure it stands strong throughout your event, whether you’re hosting a fundraiser or party.

Why did we pick it as No. 2 in our list? Because it brilliantly combines functionality with style. Imagine showcasing a breathtaking floral arrangement that comes alive with illuminated light beneath, or creating an ambient atmosphere that adds an elegant touch to your place setting. Its versatility makes it more than just furniture—it’s an experience enhancer for attendees and hosts alike.

This table isn’t only about looks; its dimensions make it perfect for dynamic displays or serving stations without taking up too much space—ideal for events in venues of various sizes. It adds modern flair effortlessly and is sure to leave guests in awe at any gathering, making every moment shine brighter.

If you want to make a statement at your event, the 6FT ILLUMINATED TABLE from Anaheim L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals is perfect for you. Elevate your event with its sleek frosted glass top and customizable lighting—get ready to impress!

Product Info:



Perfect for creating captivating and vibrant event ambiance with customizable LED lighting.


  • 8 – foot long illuminated table
  • Provides ample space for various activities and displays
  • Glows with vibrant LED lighting
  • Sturdy construction can support up to 175 pounds
  • Perfect addition to events, trade shows, or retail spaces
  • Enhances visibility and draws attention

This 8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE transforms any event into a visually stunning experience. Imagine stepping into a room and being greeted by the soft glow of LED lights, custom-tailored to match the theme of your gathering. Whether it’s a corporate event aiming for sophistication or a birthday bash desiring vibrant energy, this table fits right in. Its built-in RGBAW LED lighting system allows you complete control over color choice—making every occasion not just seen, but felt by all who attend.

Crafted with durability in mind, using high-strength materials, this piece is more than just its aesthetic appeal. It stands up to the bustling nature of events while maintaining its sleek design. Plus, the ability to customize lighting effects on-the-fly means you can shift atmospheres seamlessly as your event transitions through its phases—from calm and welcoming tones during opening speeches to energetic hues that invite guests onto the dance floor later in the evening.

We’ve placed it at No. 3 in our lineup because while it outshines many options with its customizable features and durable build, there are two others that edge ahead with additional functionalities suitable for specific needs. However, for most event planners looking for versatility and impact—the kind that leaves guests talking long after the lights dim—this illuminated table is an exceptional choice.

The 8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE from Anaheim L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals is perfect for the stylish, trend-conscious event organizer who desires to create a captivating and vibrant ambiance that leaves a lasting impression on guests. Elevate your event with customizable LED lighting and sleek design – make a statement today!

Product Info:



Versatile and Dazzling Event Furniture for All Occasions in Anaheim


  • High – quality LED lighting
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor use
  • Eye – catching addition to any space

The ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY table lights up any event with its sleek, modern design and customizable LED lighting. Picture this—you’re organizing a big corporate gala. You want something that screams elegance but also brings a fun, unique vibe to the mix. That’s where this piece shines! With sixteen color options and various light modes, it lets you set the perfect mood whether you’re aiming for professional chic or party glam.

Beyond just looking good, this table is built to last. It has a strong construction and an easy-to-clean surface—making it a favorite among event planners who need both style and substance. Imagine not having to worry about spills during those high-energy trade shows or outdoor gatherings. Plus, standing at 42 inches tall with a compact footprint, it fits seamlessly into any space without overcrowding it—a game-changer for creating memorable atmospheres without sacrificing comfort.

This isn’t just another piece of furniture; it’s a statement maker that adds flair and functionality to any celebration or professional affair. Next time you’re planning an event in San Diego L.E.D., think of how the ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY can transform your space into something unforgettable—the kind of setting people talk about long after the lights go down.

Light up your event with the ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY – perfect for Anaheim L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals. Ideal for event planners seeking versatile, eye-catching rental furniture that sets the mood and atmosphere effortlessly. Elevate your next gathering with customizable lighting options and durable, sleek design. Experience the difference today!

Product Info:



Perfect for creating unforgettable events with cutting-edge design and technology.


  • Illuminated LED lighting for a striking visual impact
  • Large 72″ wide surface for communal gatherings
  • Sleek and modern design adds sophistication to any space
  • Versatile 42″ height for standing or seated use
  • Durable construction withstands regular use
  • Creates an inviting ambiance in any setting

The ILLUMINATED PEDESTAL COMMUNAL TABLE lights up any event with its sleek, modern design and customizable LED features. Perfect for gatherings big or small, this table from a top-notch rental company combines durability and style. Picture it: you’re at an event, the ambiance shifts as the evening progresses—all thanks to the vibrant LED lights of your table that match the night’s theme perfectly.

This isn’t just any piece of furniture; it’s a conversation starter. With its high-quality construction and pedestal base, it frees up valuable floor space while providing ample room for guests to mingle comfortably. Whether paired with chic bar stools or stand-alone, this communal table elevates guest experiences by integrating comfort with cutting-edge technology—a blend not commonly found in traditional event furnishings.

Remember those moments when an event’s setting transformed a simple get-together into something magical? The versatility of this illuminated table plays right into creating such unforgettable memories. It’s not just about having somewhere to set your drink; it’s about crafting moments that stick—making all participants feel part of something truly special.

The ILLUMINATED PEDESTAL COMMUNAL TABLE is perfect for event planners in the Anaheim area looking to create unforgettable experiences. Elevate your events with cutting-edge design and technology – light up your next gathering!

Product Info:



Illuminate Your Anaheim Event with Vibrant Curved Seating Solutions


  • LED illuminated surface for striking visual appeal
  • Unique serpentine shape promotes communal gatherings
  • 144 inches wide provides ample seating space
  • Versatile 24 – inch length fits various event setups
  • Sturdy 42 – inch height for comfortable standing interaction
  • Durable construction ensures long – lasting use

The ILLUMINATED SERPENTINE COMMUNAL TABLE is a game-changer for events. It’s not just a table; it’s an experience. Picture this: guests walk into your event and are instantly captivated by the stunning visual impact of vibrant L.E.D lights, all thanks to this eye-catching piece. Its flowing, curved design isn’t only about looks—it allows for versatile arrangement options to fit any space perfectly. Whether it’s a corporate gathering or a chic reception, this table transforms spaces into unforgettable scenes.

Durability meets convenience with its high-quality materials ensuring long-lasting use and a smooth surface that promises easy cleanup post-party. Imagine seamlessly changing the mood of your event with just the touch of a button, cycling through colors to match themes effortlessly. Plus, when you mix and match with other illuminated pieces, you create an immersive environment that leaves everyone talking. The ILLUMINATED SERPENTINE COMMUNAL TABLE is more than furniture; it’s a centerpiece that brings people together in style and comfort.

Looking to impress guests at your next event in Anaheim? Our ILLUMINATED SERPENTINE COMMUNAL TABLE is perfect for the trendsetting host who wants to create a memorable, visually stunning environment. Elevate your events with this eye-catching piece and dazzle your guests with vibrant LED lighting – make a statement that won’t be forgotten!

Product Info:



Transform Your Venue with Cutting-Edge Illuminated Seating Solutions!


  • 72 inches wide, 30 inches long, and 35 inches tall
  • Made of strong polyethylene
  • Has LED lighting
  • Weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use
  • Energy – efficient LEDs
  • Perfect for events like parties

This ILLUMINATED SOFA lights up any event, blending style, comfort, and innovation into one sleek package. Picture it at your next outdoor gathering or indoor celebration—this sofa doesn’t just offer a place to sit; it transforms the space with its customizable LED colors. Made from sturdy polyethylene, it’s weatherproof and ready for anything the night brings. The energy-efficient LEDs ensure that while this piece shines bright, it won’t run your electricity bill through the roof.

Imagine guests walking into an event and being greeted by the soft glow of this sofa—it’s not just furniture; it’s a conversation starter. Whether set to match a pulsing with vibrant hues at a corporate party, this sofa sets the mood without saying a word. It combines modern design with practicality—an ideal choice for anyone looking to make their event unforgettable.

The size is perfect too—72″ W x 30″ L x 35″ H means enough room for several guests to lounge comfortably without overcrowding the venue. Let’s face it, traditional seating options can be bland; but here we have something that stands out in both functionality and flair—a true gem in LED Furniture selections for events aiming to leave an impression.

The Illuminated Sofa is perfect for the trendsetting event planner in Anaheim L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals, who seeks a blend of style and practicality to elevate their next event. Enhance your venue with cutting-edge design – make a statement today!

Product Info:



Vibrant Illumination for Trendsetting Outdoor Events in Anaheim!


  • Durable construction with advanced LED technology
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor events
  • Changeable LED lights in numerous colors
  • Crafted from translucent material for even light diffusion
  • Easy adjustment of light settings via remote control

The LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE is a game-changer for any event. Imagine walking into a party and seeing this sleek, glowing coffee table. It’s not just a place to set your drink; it’s an experience, creating atmosphere with its vibrant colors. Thanks to durable construction and advanced LED technology, this piece shines brightly indoors or outdoors—perfect for everything from to corporate gatherings. With the cube’s easy-to-use remote control, adjusting the ambiance of your space becomes a breeze.

What sets this coffee cube apart are its design and versatility. The contemporary cube shape brings sophistication to any setting, while the integrated LED lights transform mood with just a click. Picture this: you’re hosting an evening soiree; with the LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE, you switch from soft romance to party vibes in seconds—all without skipping a beat in conversation. Plus, its tough yet elegant build means you won’t worry about wear and tear as guests enjoy the night away.

This isn’t just another piece of furniture—it’s an innovative solution that melds form and function effortlessly. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, having such versatile lighting at your fingertips guarantees memorable moments for everyone involved.

Ideal Customer Persona: The LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE is perfect for the trendsetting individual hosting an outdoor party or event in Anaheim. Its contemporary design and vibrant lighting make it a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their gathering with style and ambiance. Be the talk of your next event – illuminate your space with the LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE!

Product Info:



Create a mesmerizing atmosphere with vibrant, illuminated coffee table rental.


  • LED lights illuminate the table, creating a captivating ambiance
  • 48 – inch width offers ample space for drinks and decor
  • Versatile as a coffee table or end table rental option
  • Modern design adds a stylish touch to any room
  • Sturdy construction provides durability and reliability
  • Convenient 24 – inch length fits well in various living spaces

The LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE is a game-changer for any event, turning ordinary spaces into visually stunning settings. This table isn’t just about looks; it combines functionality with innovative LED technology to set the perfect mood for your gathering. Picture this – you’re at room glows with colors matching the couple’s theme, thanks to these eye-catching tables. They’re energy-efficient too, meaning they keep shining bright long after the sun sets without eating up power.

Here’s something else: while it dazzles with its spectrum of colors, this coffee table remains practical. It has a sturdy surface that safely holds drinks and decor. And don’t worry about it fitting in with your event’s style – its sleek design and white translucent finish make sure of that. If you’ve ever wanted your party or corporate event to leave guests talking for days, adding this piece can do just that.

Choosing the right furniture can often feel like navigating a maze, but with features like durable construction and long-lasting illumination—this table makes decisions easy. Every detail, from size to energy efficiency, says “premium.” Whether lining up beverages or showcasing brochures—it does so much more than light up; it enhances experiences.

If you’re hosting an event with Anaheim L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals, the ideal customer for our LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE is someone who values sleek, modern design and wants to create a memorable atmosphere of light and color. Elevate your next gathering with a stunning centerpiece that will leave your guests in awe.

Product Info:

10. Metro LED Table


Elevate events with adjustable ambiance and modern elegance.


  • 96 – inch wireless LED table
  • Rechargeable with adjustable lights
  • Multiple color options for any mood
  • Easy remote control system
  • Sturdy construction can hold heavy items
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor events

The Metro LED Table transforms any event into an unforgettable experience with its cutting-edge design and customizable LED lights. This table isn’t just about looks; it’s built to last, capable of holding heavy items without breaking a sweat. The convenience of its wireless and rechargeable features means no tripping over cords, making your space sleek and safe.

Hosting an outdoor bash or an elegant indoor gathering? No worries. The Metro LED Table fits right in, bringing both style and substance. Its spacious surface offers plenty of room for decorations, food, and drinks while adding a modern flair to your setting. Picture this—a night under the stars with tables glowing in harmony, creating a magical ambiance that has everyone talking long after the party ends.

This piece marries functionality with beauty, proving itself as more than just furniture but a centerpiece that steals the show. Whether it’s elevating small gatherings or adding sparkle to grand celebrations, it’s all about crafting memorable moments effortlessly.

Ideal for event planners and individuals hosting indoor or outdoor gatherings, the Metro LED Table from Anaheim L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals brings modern elegance and adjustable ambiance to any occasion. Elevate your events with striking visual effects – make a statement with Metro LED Table today!

Product Info:



Elevate your event with customizable LED serpentine table.


  • 148.8\” W x 30\” L x 30\” H size
  • High – quality white acrylic material
  • Serpentine shape design
  • Customizable LED lights
  • Falls into the category of LED Furniture

The WHITE ACRYLIC LED SERPENTINE TABLE is a true game-changer for event planners looking to make a statement. Crafted with high-quality white acrylic, this table shines bright — literally and figuratively! Its durable, glossy finish isn’t just eye candy; it promises longevity and style that withstands the test of time. The unique serpentine shape? It’s like nothing you’ve seen before, curving gracefully to become the centerpiece of any room or event. Imagine guests walking in and being greeted by this stunning piece, its shape guiding them through the space in an inviting dance.

But let’s talk lights — because this table knows how to throw a party. Equipped with customizable LED lights, it transforms from elegant furniture into an immersive experience with just the flick of a switch. Whether aiming for a romantic glow or vibrant party vibes, these LEDs set the scene perfectly. Picture an evening gala under the stars where the table glows softly, adding magic to every conversation held around it. Or think about ramping up energy at your next launch event with dynamic colors pulsating in tune with music.

Every detail of this table was designed with memorable events in mind. From that sparkle to conferences that stand out, it’s not only about bringing people together but making sure they leave amazed. And beyond just looks – those who have used it swear by its sturdiness during long nights and countless events. With such versatility and durability rolled into one dazzling package, choosing this table could very well be your brightest decision yet.

With its innovative design and customizable LED lighting, our WHITE ACRYLIC LED SERPENTINE TABLE is perfect for the discerning individual seeking to elevate their event experience. Whether you’re a party planner, event organizer, or someone looking to create a memorable occasion at Anaheim L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals, this table will set the stage for an unforgettable gathering. Bring sophistication and style to your next event with our stunning serpentine table!

Product Info:



Elevate Your Space with Modern LED Furniture Rentals Today!


  • Durable white acrylic material
  • 96 inches width, 40 inches length, 30 inches height
  • LED lighting with color – changing feature
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Perfect for event and party use
  • Unique addition to any space

Light up your events with the WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE, a game-changer in event furnishings. Crafted from durable and sturdy acrylic material, this table promises longevity alongside its stunning aesthetic appeal. The polished white facade pairs beautifully with any decor theme, making it a versatile choice for planners aiming to create memorable settings. Its minimalist design doesn’t just catch eyes; it complements the modern sensibilities of today’s event spaces without overwhelming them.

The standout feature — built-in LED lighting with color-changing capabilities — transforms any ordinary venue into an extraordinary experience. Whether setting the mood for an elegant evening or adding a pop of fun with vibrant colors, this table effortlessly adapts to your desired ambiance. Imagine guests gathering around, marveling at how the furniture piece doubles as both a functional item and dynamic light source. Plus, its sizeable dimensions ensure it’s not just visually appealing but also highly practical for various uses throughout your event.

Drawing upon our expertise in hosting unforgettable gatherings, we’ve seen firsthand how this LED table can elevate an event’s atmosphere. It merges sleek design with innovative technology to deliver not just furniture but an experience that leaves a lasting impression on attendees. Perfect for everything from cocktail hours to snack corners, it’s more than just a table—it’s a conversation starter and focal point rolled into one multifunctional showstopper.

The WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE is perfect for the modern homeowner who craves a minimalistic yet functional piece of furniture that can effortlessly transition from a stylish decor item to a warmly illuminated table. Elevate your ambiance with this versatile LED table at Anaheim L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals today!

Product Info:

Benefits of Renting Illuminated LED Furniture for Events

Anaheim Illuminated LED furniture rentals

Enhance the ambiance and atmosphere of your event with stylish and cost-effective LED furniture options. Read on to discover how these versatile pieces can transform your next gathering into an unforgettable experience.

Stylish and Cost-effective

Choosing LED furniture for your event in Anaheim brings a touch of style without breaking the bank. These pieces light up the space, making it look modern and inviting. You don’t have to spend a lot on décor because this furniture shines on its own.

It’s perfect for events at places like theme parks or the Anaheim Convention Center.

Renting LED tables or sofas means you can change colors and themes without extra costs. Imagine having Modern Event Rental vibe or creating a multi-color dance area with just a few clicks.

This flexibility lets you match any event planning vision, from elegant trade shows to fun theme park gatherings, all while keeping customer service top-notch in cities like Midway City or Feasterville-Trevose, PA.

Adds Ambiance and Atmosphere

L.E.D. furniture lights up any event, adding a cool vibe that everyone loves. Picture tables and sofas glowing in different colors to match your theme. It’s like turning a regular room into a magical place.

This stuff isn’t just furniture; it’s part of the show.

These pieces light up from inside, making spaces feel warm and welcoming or energetic and exciting—your choice! You get to decide what mood you want: calm blue for a chill night or fiery red for a dance party.

It’s all about creating the perfect setting with illuminated led furniture, multi-color led dance floor, and led stages that invite guests into an unforgettable experience.

Various Furniture Types Available

Anaheim Illuminated LED furniture rentals for events offer a wide variety of pieces to make any occasion shine. From 6ft to 8ft long tables that light up, adding a glow to gatherings, to illuminated high boys and pedestals for more intimate conversations.

There are also serpentine communal tables for a unique twist and sofas that brighten up lounge areas. For those looking for practical yet stylish options, light-up coffee cubes and tables bring functionality with flair.

The Metro LED Table along with white acrylic versions provide sleek choices fit for any modern event setup.

Every piece of Illuminated LED furniture event rentals adds its own spark to your event, transforming ordinary spaces into magical settings.

This diverse range guarantees there’s something special for every type of event, whether it’s a corporate gathering or a private celebration. Each item not only serves its purpose but also enhances the overall ambiance, creating unforgettable experiences.

Illuminated curved table - modern event rental


Ready to make your event stand out with something special? Try the 6FT ILLUMINATED COMMUNAL TABLE and the 6FT ILLUMINATED TABLE. These pieces light up any gathering, adding style and flair that guests will talk about long after the party ends.

With their sleek designs and bright LED lighting, these tables are perfect for creating memorable moments indoors or outdoors. So go ahead — give your next event a glow-up with these eye-catching rentals!


1. What makes Modern Event Rental stand out for events?

Modern Event Rental offers a unique flair, lighting up any gathering with vibrant colors and innovative designs. This isn’t just about sitting; it’s about creating an unforgettable atmosphere that guests will talk about long after the party ends.

2. Can I customize the lighting on Illuminated LED furniture to match my event theme?

Absolutely! The beauty of LED furniture is its versatility – you can adjust colors and patterns to perfectly align with your event’s theme or mood, ensuring every detail contributes to the overall experience.

3. Are there different types of Modern Event Rental available for rent in Anaheim?

Yes, there’s a wide selection! From sleek bars and cozy sofas to eye-catching tables and chairs, you’ll find pieces that not only meet your functional needs but also add a dash of magic to your decor.

4. How do I know if Anaheim Illuminated LED furniture rentals is right for my event?

Think about the vibe you’re aiming for… If it’s modern, fun, and memorable you’re after, then yes – L.E.D. furniture could be exactly what your event needs to shine brighter than ever before.

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