Best Chicago Event Rental Furniture for a Trade Show Event

Enhance the design of any trade show or booth with the top Chicago event rental furniture options from trusted event furniture rental company Modern Event Rentals. Your trade show event booth represents the image of your company. It’s crucial to make your company’s booth look and feel like it’s a part of your organization.  

A great way to understand the importance of enhancing your trade show booth is by comparing it to the front cover of a magazine. Magazines make sure the cover captures the attention of prospective customers. When people find the cover of magazines appealing they pick it up and have the urge to discover what’s inside. With rental furniture from Modern Event Rentals, you can do the same exact thing at your next Chicago trade show

Keep reading to discover why trade shows are so important, why ordering Chicago event rental furniture from Modern Event Rentals is the best, and our 8 most popular trade show event rental furniture pieces.

Why Chicago Event Rental Furniture at a Trade Show is Important 

Modern Event Rental Chicago Location
Modern Event Rental Chicago Location

Trade shows and exhibitions are essential for many industries. Attendees go so they can: receive discounted prices on products, discover new industry trends, and learn about products and services in great detail before making a purchase or business decision. 

Trade shows often feel clustered between the thousands of attendees and the hundreds of booths. Organizations fill their booth with branded products, company colors, and informational items. What most organizations tend to forget to include in their booths are high-quality event furniture rentals. 

For your next trade show capture more of the attendee’s attention with Chicago event rental furniture from Modern Event Rentals. Not sure where to start? Well, Modern event rentals have a list of the most popular Chicago event rental furniture that you want at your next trade show. Keep reading to get the scoop on top-rated event rental furniture.

8 Chicago Event Rental Furniture Pieces You Need At Your Trade Show 

According to Display Wizard  48% of exhibitors feel an eye-catching stand is the most effective method for attracting attendees. Modern Event Rentals has the best Chicago rental furniture for your trade show that is sure to make your booth stop people in their tracks. 

1. Get Popular Chicago Event Rental Furniture like a High-End Display Rental Shelf

Display Shelving Rentals are the best way to showcase your branded products in your booth. A rental display shelf like our Tiffany Silver display shelf will give your booth a high-end feel and provide the perfect space to display your newly launched products. Modern Event Rentals has multiple display rental shelves that can match your theme or aesthetic! 

2. Charging Station Rentals Keep Trade Show Attendees Connected

Our Chicago charging station rentals should be at the next trade show you attend. Modern Event Rentals charging stations provide brand awareness, as we offer custom branding for each station, allowing you to reach a wider audience and attract attendees. With 6 cell phone charging lockers per station, our charging stations allow attendees to quickly, conveniently, and securely charge their phones, tablets, and other devices – without having to leave your event. 

3. Chicago LED Rental Furniture For Trade Show

Illuminated Walls-Modern Event Rental

Attract attendees with Modern Event Rental’s huge selection of  LED Furniture Rentals. Modern Event Rental custom fabricates our own unique line of illuminated LED furniture rentals using the highest-grade materials. 

Besides our unique LED Swings we carry light up tables, light up bars, illuminated pedestals, and much more. No need to worry about outlets not being available by your booth location. We light up your event by using energy efficient, battery operated LED lighting fixtures. Our Chicago LED rental furniture is very popular at trade shows because they make your booth stand out. 

Not sure how to incorporate LED rental furniture into your next event? Modern Event Rentals has the best advice for using LED Furniture to achieve the event you’ve always dreamed of. 

4. Rental Lounge Furniture Creates Comfort At Trade Shows

Chicago event furniture rental-Modern Event Rental

Trade Shows are so long! Some attendees may be walking the rows of booths for 4 plus hours! Make your booth comfortable by getting Chicago event rental furniture like Modern Event Rentals lounge furniture. 

Modern’s lounge furniture rentals include an array of couches and sofas. You can make it even more comfortable by renting matching ottoman rentals. Let those trade show attendees put their feet up! A Modern Event Rental specialist will help you find that perfect sofa rental or chair rental for your trade show. 

5. Chicago Pedestal Rentals For Trade Shows

A Chicago rental furniture option that is frequently forgotten is pedestal rentals. Rental Pedestals are a great piece to add to your trade show booth. They help create a great place for organic conversations between your organization and trade show attendees. 

Modern Event Rentals pedestals are acrylic and come in a variety of shapes and styles. We offer both crystal and clear pedestals, as well as LED pedestals that light up, adding a fun and fresh feel to your event.

6. Fast Charging Furniture Rentals For Trade Shows

One of Modern Event Rental’s most popular Chicago event rental furniture options is our fast charging station rentals. These charging furniture pieces are a favorite for Chicago trade shows. They allow guests to comfortably and conveniently charge up their electronic devices right there in your booth. 

Our cost-effective powered tables, powered couches, and powered chairs allow you to engage visitors, promote your brand, and keep attendees happy. Your next Trade Show won’t be complete without fast charging furniture rentals

7. Trade Show Event Décor Rentals 

Boost your trade show booth with scenic elements. Modern Event Rental fabricates a variety of custom rental items in our in-house fabrication studio. We offer everything from L.E.D. light up pillars to illuminated wall panels to acrylic led cubes that are perfect for trade shows. 

It’s a great idea to break up branded elements in your booth with Chicago event rental furniture like event décor rentals. Once your colors, theme, and aesthetic are determined, rent a scenic element that will enhance your booth. 

8. Audio, Visuals, Lighting, and Stage Rentals

Did you know that one of the best ways to enhance your trade show booth is with audio, visual ,lighting, and stage rentals? Our sister company AVLS Rentals provides event rentals that will make your trade show stand out. 

Aside from the top Chicago event rental furniture from Modern, grab some audiovisual rentals from AVLS to achieve the perfect trade show booth. AVLS Rentals offers cutting-edge technology rentals and custom designs to create memorable events of all sizes. AVLS provides audio, video, and lighting equipment that creates endless ways to entertain your guests. You can create a memorable trade show booth through the use of custom backdrops, video, lighting, and more.

Where to Get the Best Chicago Rental Furniture?

chicago lounge furniture rental-modern event rental

The best place to get rental furniture in Chicago is Modern Event Rentals.  After viewing our 8 most popular Chicago event rental furniture pieces it should be a no-brainer that you choose to work with Modern Event Rentals. Our experienced event experts at Modern Event Rentals can help you choose the perfect Chicago rental furniture, equipment, and event design to bring your trade show to life.

Besides having the best Chicago rental furniture, Modern understands how important it is that your trade show goes well, and it’s our priority to help make that happen. Over the years we’ve helped our partners host thousands of successful events in Chicago. There’s a reason that our clients continue to choose Modern Event Rental for all their event furniture rental needs.

Modern is the place to get your Chicago event rental furniture if you want a stress-free event furniture rental company. Our in-house delivery services mean your event furniture rentals delivery will arrive as scheduled and be transported with extra care. We deliver event rentals to Chicago and any other city located within the continental United States. Learn more in our blog 5 Reasons To Choose an Event Furniture Rental Company with Delivery.

Get Chicago Event Rental Furniture From Modern Event Rental 

Illuminated Tables-Modern Event Rental

Modern Event Rental is a one-stop shop for all your Chicago event furniture rental, LED and sound equipment, and décor needs. You can expect nothing but the best quality products and services. With its extensive inventory and customizable services, Modern Event Rental is committed to ensuring that your needs are met for your trade show event rental needs.

Don’t worry Modern Event Rental will promptly answer all questions you might have regarding custom event furniture, décor, and even pricing. You will get an overall quotation before any work begins so that you can budget effectively without the fear of additional charges down the road.

Modern is the Chicago event rental furniture company for you. We hope our 8 most popular event rental furniture pieces inspired you. 

Do you have a trade show soon or plan to have one in the future? Work with Modern Event Rental to make your event or booth a success!

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