Plan Hassle Free Events By Choosing an Event Furniture Rental Company With Delivery

Orchestrating any event is a stressful task. Make sure your planning is as hassle-free as possible by choosing an event furniture rental company with delivery.

It’s easy to get so caught up in mapping a floor plan and choosing the right furniture that you forget to factor in shipping. Event rental shipping can be a huge stressor when planning events, as many things can go wrong during the shipping process.

But all that worry can easily be avoided! Choosing an event rental vendor that offers in-house delivery can help, but Modern’s additional shipping benefits go beyond regular shipping.

As a company, Modern cares about efficiency, quality, and communication between themselves and their customers. To ensure the best possible service, Modern provides several delivery options, plus quality check and setup assistance.

Like what you’re seeing so far? Well, read on to see the total benefits of choosing an event furniture rental company with delivery and how Modern offers the most for your event’s success!

Quality Products Designed With Shipping In Mind

Ready to satisfy any event furniture rental need, Modern offers a range of furniture and event rental options that can all be shipped. And, most importantly, shipped safely and on time!

At Modern, our goal is to elevate the standard of event rental furniture. This mindset is incorporated in every aspect of our business – down to the very design of our furniture rentals.

That’s right! Our custom-made event rental furniture is purposefully designed for easier loading, shipping, and assembly. Our team of Chicago event rental furniture experts has thought of unique ways to improve the event rental shipping and handling process.

By mimicking the golden rule, and designing our event furniture rental options the way our loyal customers would want them to be designed, we set out to fill the gaps many other less specialized event furniture rental companies leave behind due to lack of effort and expertise.

We believe in offering a smarter event rental product. At Modern, you’ll find user-friendly and shipping-friendly event furniture rentals that give our clients the most benefits.

Benefits of Event Furniture Rentals That Ship To You

Shipping can be a make-or-break issue for event rentals, so finding a company like Modern that offers protected, efficient shipping is truly a game changer. Ready to up your game? Then pay attention to these added benefits that an event furniture rental company with delivery can offer you!

1. No Outsourcing = No Confusion

Benefits of Event Furniture Rentals That Ship To You fro furniture rental company with delivery service blog

You already have to juggle communication with caterers, marketing, clients, invites, and more. Simplify your event planning and keep your event furniture rental shipping in-house!

Choosing from event rental companies that will ship allows you to streamline your event furniture planning.

Having the company with your product also be the one to ship it centralizes communication, limits misunderstandings, and prevents supply chain issues. This a simple way to decrease the chance of something going wrong for your corporate occasion.

2. Event Rentals That Ship Have the Potential To Decrease Costs

A black wallet with bills showing to demonstrate saving money with Modern event furniture rental

Besides the fact that it will lessen your load, outsourcing to another company just for shipping can easily increase your overall event costs.

At Modern, we operate with you in mind. This is why we have multiple shipping options based on what’s logical.

When planning an event, you may need equipment and furniture in various shapes and sizes. For smaller products, Modern offers compact-size shipping. The alternative is freight shipping, which is more expensive and often subject to extensive and unforeseen delays.

For the items that are too large to ship compact, Modern typically ships through their own logistic fleet. Modern has transportation options ranging from sprinter vans to 26’ long straight trucks, allowing for the delivery of a wide variety of furniture sizes and options

From compact-size shipping to our extensive fleet, Modern allows you to choose an event furniture rental company with multiple delivery options. We purposefully do this to benefit our customers and help in any way we can to decrease unnecessary overhead and freight costs.

Order your event furniture rentals with in-house shipping and stop worrying about extra costs. Check out the furniture catalog to find the perfect pieces for your next event.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Modern can also custom design and build event furniture for you. Request a quote today!

3. Build a Bigger Budget With Event Rentals That Ship

While we all have dreams of hosting the best corporate event ever, even the grandest of celebrations have to operate within a set budget. And when it comes to event furniture rentals, shipping can easily eat up too much of it.

A recent article shows data on how shipping costs are an important driver of inflation around the world. But how are these shipping costs accumulated? With rising gas prices, higher wages, and a decreased workforce, inflation has reflected this and has been quick to cause shipping and freight costs to skyrocket.

This is why Modern’s in-house shipping is so important. Potentially decreasing costs with an event furniture rental company with delivery that you can actually trust allows a bigger budget for your event.

4. Reduced Risk of Damage or Lateness

Package Being Shipped With Fragile Written On It

We all know the horror stories of shipping companies being extremely careless with their items and causing irreparable damage. With a tight timeline and strict budget, careless event rentals that poorly ship items should be avoided at all costs.

Modern makes sure this isn’t the case with your event furniture rentals. We have a select team of delivery employees to ensure your items are delivered in a timely and safe fashion.

Besides, unlike random shipping companies that don’t care about their items, we are shipping our own furniture. Being careless and causing damage to our goods would be silly and only cost us more in the long run!

5. Modern Does More Than Drop-Off Delivery

White glove doesn’t always directly translate into “handle with care.” For many companies that deal with shipping, they try to do jobs as fast as they can. This can lead to damaged rental furniture for your event and wasted spending with limited turn-around time to get a replacement for your venue.

This is why Modern has a dedicated team specifically for deliveries. While safe transit is important, their professionalism doesn’t stop when the furniture reaches the venue.

Quality Checks

Near or far, renting Modern products ensures you are easily eligible for in-person delivery. As an added bonus to part of our in-person delivery service, our workers perform quality checks.

This ensures our tech-based furniture, like our charging stations and LED furniture, is fully circuiting and all event rental furniture is fully functioning for your professional event.

Setup Assistance

As you’re putting together the finishing touches of your event, you don’t have time to set up every piece of furniture. That’s what our expert workers are here for.

Modern prides itself on its event setup service. Our team will deliver your furniture in person and help you set up your venue.

They’ll make sure everything is assembled correctly, is in tip-top shape, and help you get your furniture placed exactly where you want it. Having years of event experience under their belts, our employees have the knowledge to determine the best placement for your event furniture rentals within your venue.

6. Less Stress, More Success

All in all, the main benefit of choosing a company with event rentals that ship is that you’ll have less stress and more success with any event. After all, you’re the mastermind behind it all. Shouldn’t you get to enjoy the event as well?

As a professional event furniture rental company with delivery, we are here to help. So sit back and relax – and feel free to do so in our comfortable lounge furniture, bar stools, cafe chairs, LED sofas, and more!

Where Does Modern Offer Their Event Furniture Rental Services and Shipping?

Image of Modern's logo on USA to show it is furniture rental company with delivery service across country

Modern Event Rental is an event rental and rental furniture design company based in the Midwest of the United States. While we may be located in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, we provide much more than just Chicago event furniture rentals.

With experience working in some of the premier event venues and convention centers, choosing Modern means you are choosing event rentals that ship to many of the U.S.’s major cities. This includes:

And that’s just to just name a few! With our in-house nationwide shipping, finding event rentals that will ship for your event is a breeze.

No matter what type of corporate gathering you’re hosting, Modern Event Rental has something for everyone and the means to get it safely to you. Check out our full list of locations that we service to see where Modern can help with your next event.

Enjoy Your Event With Modern, A Furniture Rental Company With Full-Service Delivery

While we clearly understand the importance of shipping for our clients, not every event rental company offers this service. They take more of a “hands-off” approach. At Modern, we are willing to go the extra mile to show we care and to help you succeed with your event endeavors.

Modern Event Rental is the premier event furniture rental company in the midwest and beyond. When you choose us for your event rentals with delivery, you’ll receive services like compact shipping, multiple shipping options, quality checks, and setup assistance.

When you choose an event furniture rental company with delivery, you’re making the right choice. Events require the orchestration of many moving parts. While we believe you have what it takes to throw a corporate event, at end of the day many hands help make a lighter load.

For your next event, don’t just focus on making it enjoyable for your attendees – make the event process more enjoyable for yourself too! From our products to our shipping and dedicated staff, Modern helps with the little details so you don’t have to.

We are ready to hit the road running with inventory in stock and ready to go! Get in touch today to see how we can offer shipping services and more for your upcoming event.

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