How to Maximize Your Budget With Modern Event Rentals, Dallas

We know that budgeting is one of the most crucial aspects of event planning. In fact, it lays the basic framework within which all event planning should ideally be contained. However, it is often tedious, taxing on the mind, and stressful, considering that it should be thoughtfully prepared taking into account all the needs and requirements of the event.

How to Maximize Your Budget With Modern Event Rentals Dallas

It is very easy to go overboard and outrun your budget when planning, as you need to invest in the best qualities and stylish designs, not to mention the best food, and a profitable guest list. The challenge is to plan the event without compromising on the quality of resources while staying within budget.

That is why it is important to do thorough research and partner with the best, most affordable, and efficient Dallas event rental company. 

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As a general rule of thumb, it is always best to choose a local brand for event rentals, as well as for all other resources.

Fortunately, Modern Event Rentals has you covered for your heavy pieces.

We are a premium supplier of event rentals in Dallas, with a full stock of furniture and décor rentals. We have multiple categories of rentals starting from basic minimal furniture to extravagant stage sets and scenic elements. We also carry miscellaneous rental items to pull your event together, such as truss rentals, podiums, and pedestals.

Being a veteran Dallas event rental company, we know how difficult it can be to organize an event from scratch and keep the expenses in check at the same time. That is why we invest in manufacturing in-house, and use ample human resources to help provide maximum value for your money.

Here is how you can maximize your budget and attain the best value, with our rental collections.

Take advantage of our large collection of furniture and décor

We are one of the few Dallas event rental providers that offer a large collection of furniture and décor pieces for clients to choose from. We carry all types of furniture including outdoor sofas and chairs, lounge furniture, love seats, basic chairs, high chairs, conference chairs, bar tables, bar stools, bar counters, coffee and end tables, communal tables, ottomans and charging furniture. From elegant art deco-inspired designs to fun and colorful aesthetic pieces, we have a versatile and thoughtfully curated selection, perfect to suit multiple themes and event types.

In terms of décor, we have customizable scenic elements, LED panels, drapes, and more.

To extract maximum value out of our partnership, choose more than one type or design of furniture and activity-block your event space to include different types of seating.

For example, if you have stage programs, a round-table event, or a lecture, etc. you can line up our elegant and simple corporate chairs in organized rows for the main event. For other recreational activities such as refreshments, you can place our lounge furniture in an aesthetic corner. Additionally, you can also place our charging station at another end, to help people charge their devices conveniently.

Use our special-grade pieces for special occasions for maximum efficiency

We design and fabricate our furniture pieces as well as utility pieces in-house to ensure the best quality. Taking into account the purpose of each type of furniture, and after deep research into the interests and preferences of the Dallas community, we use thoughtfully curated raw materials for each of our pieces.

For outdoor furniture, we use the most durable, impact-resistant metal hardware and outdoor-grade fabrics for our chairs and tables. They allow you to host your outdoor event worry-free and hassle-free.

For our lounge furniture, we use the highest quality velour and leather fabrics to allow your guests to feel most comfortable and relaxed. And for our accompanying coffee and end tables we use durable metal hardware with acrylic and wooden tabletop options.

Our truss rentals are made from the highest quality aluminum, and tested for optimal tensile strength. This ensures the best reinforcement for your décor, lighting, and sound.

Take advantage of our thoughtfully made furniture for your special occasions to extract maximum efficiency out of our rental pieces.

Use our customization capabilities to tailor your rentals to your brand

We provide several material, color, and branding customization options to our clients to allow them to fine-tune the rental pieces to suit their brand persona.

Our illuminated furniture, including bar tables and counters, can be customized to the color of your choice. You can choose from white, orange, blue, purple, and red options. You can also choose wooden or acrylic table tops for the tables. Our acrylic bases are also designed to facilitate effortless branding. You can easily add your branding elements to incorporate your signature in the mix as a subtle form of marketing.

We are one of the only Dallas event rental companies offering these privileges. Utilize our customizations to market your brand and imprint your identity in the minds of your guests.

Create a powerful first impression effortlessly with our modular sets

A very effective way to ensure that the event is enjoyable for guests is to present a powerful first impression. To do that, we at Modern have curated a collection of out-of-the-world modular stage set rentals.

We manufacture our stage sets keeping in mind the current trends, interests, and likes of the Dallas community. And each of the sets is a class apart. For example, our cube sets have a unique stack-and-lock system where the cubes are automatically secured in place, ensuring a reliable stage backdrop.

We have a variety of modular stage sets and multi-dimensional backdrops such as cubes, panels, hexagons, abstract patterned panels, classic whiteboards, and many more.

Invest in our scenic elements and modular stage sets to maximize your chances for success and ensure an impressive ROI.

Opt for our delivery and pick-up services

To offer a well-rounded package of services, along with a great collection of rental products, we provide delivery and pick-up services for additional charges. We provide these services for events conducted anywhere in Dallas.

This is beneficial for your event in many ways. For starters, you don’t have to arrange for or coordinate with a separate shipping vendor to ship your rental order to your venue. It is taken care of by us, and we have a number of efficient shipping options for our rentals.

Secondly, it eliminates the risk of loss or damage arising out of mishandling the products, which you may otherwise have to pay for.

Thirdly, it ensures that the products reach your venue on time and are also picked back up on time.

Hence, ordering from us gets you the most value for money, as opposed to ordering from a regular Dallas event rental company.

Choose our setting up and breaking down services

In addition to delivery and pick-up, we also provide setting up and breaking down services. Once again, this relieves you from the hassles of having to look for a handyman to do the job for you. Our service agents will help set things up the way you want at your venue. They will also dismantle the set-up and get things ready to be picked up once the event is over.

Needless to say, with us, your event rentals are taken care of from start to finish.

Take guidance from our rental servicing team

Lastly, we have a knowledgeable and resourceful team of event rental experts, who are ready to help you with your decisions. If you have trouble picking your rental items, designing your venue, or setting up your furniture, our consultant agents can guide you through the process and make things easier for you.  All you need to do is get on a quick call and convey your requirements, goals, and objectives, and we can help you figure out the rest of the details.

Final thoughts

Organizing a whole event within the prescribed budget of a company is indeed a challenge. However, seeking the help of an efficient, reliable, and experienced Dallas event rental company can help you a great deal.

Choosing a wholesome service provider like Modern allows you to reduce the stress associated with planning, while also getting the most value for your money.

We know what it takes to extract maximum efficiency in the organizing process. We thus help you maximize your budget and throw an exceptional event. For more updates check our Facebook page.

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