Illuminate Your Event with New Orleans LED Furniture Rentals


Planning an event in New Orleans and looking to stand out? Illuminated LED furniture is a game-changer, offering both style and function. Our guide dives deep into the benefits, rental options, and how-tos, ensuring your next gathering shines bright.

Get ready for an illuminating experience!

Benefits of LED Event Furniture Rentals

LED Furniture rentals creates a modern, stylish atmosphere at events. Its adjustable lighting options add ambiance and flair to any space.

Modern and stylish atmosphere

Illuminated furniture transforms any New Orleans event into a modern spectacle. Picture glowing tables and sofas, making your corporate events stand out. These pieces create a stylish atmosphere that guests won’t forget.

It’s not just about the lights; it’s about setting a tone that screams cutting-edge.

Choosing illuminated furniture means stepping away from the ordinary. You invite your guests into a space where every detail has been thoughtfully considered for maximum impact. Whether in Covington or the greater New Orleans area, these vibrant installations promise an unforgettable experience, merging innovation with sleek design to elevate your event’s ambiance.

Adjustable lighting options

Adjustable lighting options turn any event into a dynamic experience. Imagine changing colors to match your theme or mood, right in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s all about control and flexibility.

You can dim lights for a cozy atmosphere or brighten them up for a lively party vibe.

Each piece of LED party furniture offers this versatility with just a touch of a button—you’re the master of ambiance! Guests will marvel at how the room transforms from one moment to the next, making your event unforgettable.

Lighting plays a huge role in setting the right tone; thankfully, these innovative options make it easy to adjust on-the-fly without missing a beat.

Energy efficient and cost-effective

Light up Curved table-Modern Event Rental

Illuminated LED furniture rentals lights up any New Orleans event without burning through your budget. These pieces use less electricity, making them a smart choice for eco-friendly celebrations. Imagine lighting up a gala with glowing tables and sofas that won’t spike the power bill.

That’s efficiency meeting style right in the heart of the Crescent City.

Cost-wise, choosing Illuminated furniture means you’re investing in decor that pays off over time. You save on energy bills without sacrificing ambiance or flair. Plus, this modern approach to event design sets the tone for an unforgettable experience – all while keeping costs in check.

It’s about getting maximum impact with minimal expense, proving that stylish events don’t have to strain your wallet.

Illuminated Furniture Event Rentals

Quick Recommendation

Check out our quick product list for a fast recommendation, or scroll down for more in-depth reviews.

Comparison Table

Product NameSize (W x L x H)Weight (lbs)MaterialFeatures
6FT ILLUMINATED TABLE72″ x 30″ x 31″Frosted glass top, aluminum legsColor choice illumination
8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE96″ x 30″ x 31″175
ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY15″ x 15″ x 42″25
ILLUMINATED SERPENTINE COMMUNAL TABLE144″ x 24″ x 42″LED lighting system, curved design
ILLUMINATED SOFA72″ x 30″ x 35″LED Furniture
LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE24″ x 24″ x 16″Color changeable LED lights
LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE48″ x 24″ x 16″
METRO LED TABLE96″ x 30″ x 30″Adjustable LED Lights, Wireless and Rechargeable
WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE96″ x 40″ x 30″LED illumination



Elevate New Orleans events with captivating communal LED tables.


  • Features built – in LED lighting for a unique and captivating ambiance
  • Perfect for creating an inviting communal space in bars, restaurants, or event venues
  • Sturdy and durable construction with a 100 – pound weight
  • Generous size at 72 inches wide, 30 inches long, and 42 inches high
  • Adds flair to any environment with its modern illuminated design
  • Ideal for social gatherings or collaboration spaces due to its spacious layout

The 6FT ILLUMINATED COMMUNAL TABLE isn’t just another piece of furniture. It’s a vibrant centerpiece that transforms any gathering into a memorable event. Imagine walking into a fundraiser, and you’re greeted by the warm glow of this stunning table. Its smooth glass surface, lit from beneath by colorful LEDs, doesn’t just light up the room; it invites guests to come together, share stories, and create connections. And it’s not all about looks either. With its sturdy aluminum legs, this table stands firm – no wobbling here! So whether it’s for leaning on during deep conversations or setting down your drink as you laugh with new friends, this table has got you covered.

What sets this illuminated communal table apart and earns it the top spot in our list? It’s all about fostering community and atmosphere. At events where bringing people together is key, nothing does it better than this exceptional piece of LED furniture.

Choosing this 6FT ILLUMINATED COMMUNAL TABLE means opting for more than just a place to set your drinks; you’re creating an inviting space that encourages mingling and leaves guests with glowing memories long after the lights dim.

Light up your event with our 6FT ILLUMINATED COMMUNAL TABLE, perfect for the vibrant socialite hosting fundraisers and reunions in New Orleans. Elevate your gatherings and create an enticing atmosphere that encourages mingling. Let’s illuminate your next event!

Product Info:



Illuminate Your Events with Customizable LED Furniture!


  • 72 inches wide, 30 inches long, and 31 inches high
  • Frosted glass top with aluminum legs
  • Illuminated from within in a color of choice
  • Versatile for dining height and events
  • Falls under the LED Furniture category

Imagine your next event glowing with an ambient touch, thanks to the 6FT ILLUMINATED TABLE. With its sleek frosted glass top that lights up in your chosen color, this table isn’t just furniture—it’s a statement piece. The sturdy aluminum legs ensure it stands firm, no matter how lively the party gets. Whether you’re planning a fundraiser or any special occasion, adding this table turns spaces into experiences.

Imagine soft lighting setting the mood as guests dine or showcasing an eye-catching floral arrangement that becomes the talk of the night. It’s more than just a table; it’s a centerpiece that adds modern flair and transforms environments.

Selecting this illuminated table means choosing durability along with style—the aluminum legs promise longevity and reliability across countless events. A choice that brings both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality to any gathering ensures your event will be one guests remember long after the last light dims.

New Orleans L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals is perfect for the modern event planner looking to elevate their events with sleek, customizable furniture and create memorable experiences. Illuminate your next event with our 6FT ILLUMINATED TABLE – it’s time to make a statement!

Product Info:



Elevate Your Event with Customizable LED Lighting in New Orleans


  • 8 – foot long illuminated table
  • Perfect for events and trade shows
  • Stylish and eye – catching design
  • Sturdy construction and durable materials
  • Easy to set up and transport
  • Enhances product display and branding

Picture this – your next event with a stunning centerpiece that catches every eye. That’s exactly what the 8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE offers. This isn’t just any table; it’s a dazzling blend of technology and design, built to make parties, corporate events, or product launches truly memorable. The secret sauce? Its RGBAW LED lighting system lets you dial in any color you want. Imagine shifting from cool blues to warm reds, all at the touch of a button, setting the perfect atmosphere for your guests.

Now, let’s talk durability and design. We understand that an event space needs to be practical as well as pretty. That’s why we’re impressed by this table’s robust build – it holds up amazingly well under heavy use without sacrificing its sleek look. But what really sets it apart is how you can control its hue and saturation to craft the exact vibe you’re after, be it elegant sophistication or high-energy excitement.

We’ve ranked the 8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE No. 3 on our list because while there are bigger and flashier options out there, none match its versatility and user-friendliness for creating unforgettable settings at events across New Orleans. It shines (literally) in providing that wow factor while also being incredibly easy to customize – ensuring your occasion stands out for all the right reasons.

This 8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE is perfect for anyone hosting parties, corporate events, or product launches in New Orleans. Elevate your event with customizable LED lighting and create an unforgettable atmosphere for your guests. Light up the night with style!

Product Info:



Illuminate Your Events with Versatile, Eye-Catching LED Furniture Rentals!


  • 42″ high for maximum visibility
  • Illuminated to attract attention
  • Compact 15″ width and length
  • Lightweight at only 25 lbs
  • Ideal for showcasing products or signs
  • Eye – catching addition to any display

Imagine transforming your event with a piece of furniture that packs a punch in both style and function. The ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY does precisely that. With its sleek, modern design and an integrated LED lighting system boasting 16 different color options, this table isn’t just another item in the room—it’s a statement piece. Whether you’re hosting an elegant shaking things up at a corporate event, this high boy invites guests to gather around, breaking the ice with its mesmerizing lights.

This ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY isn’t all about looks either; it’s as practical as it is stunning. Standing tall at 42 inches with a sturdy construction, it can easily withstand busy events while offering ample space for guests to set down their drinks or promotional materials. Plus, cleaning is a breeze—no need to worry about spills from the celebration dampening the evening’s spark. And let’s not forget how effortlessly it fits into any event theme; whether you want to create an intimate ambiance or highlight key areas, those customizable lights have got you covered.

Bringing one—or several—of these tables into your next big gathering is like hitting the upgrade button on your event planning strategy. You’re not just renting furniture; you’re enhancing experiences and creating unforgettable memories for everyone involved. It turns out making an impact sometimes means looking beyond traditional decor choices and lighting up the night with something truly unique.

The illuminated high boy is perfect for the party enthusiast who wants to add a modern and eye-catching touch to their event. Elevate your gatherings with our versatile and durable high boy—lighting up New Orleans L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals!

Product Info:



Elevate Your Event with Stylish LED Furniture in New Orleans


  • 6 feet wide, 2 feet long, and stands 3.5 feet tall
  • Glows with LED lights
  • Perfect for communal spaces
  • Unique design with modern appeal
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Creates an inviting atmosphere

The ILLUMINATED PEDESTAL COMMUNAL TABLE is a game-changer for event organizers looking to create unforgettable moments. With its sleek design and customizable LED lights, this table doesn’t just hold your drinks – it becomes part of the show. Imagine setting up these tables at an evening gala, where guests can change the color theme on a whim. It’s like having a mood ring for your event! The durable construction ensures it stands up to lively conversations and hearty laughs, making every gathering memorable.

This table isn’t just about looks; it’s smartly designed with a pedestal base to free up floor space. This means more room for dancing or extra chairs without cluttering the area. Versatile enough to fit into any themed party or reception, its dimensions (72″ W x 24″ L x 42″ H) make it perfect for socializing standing up or sitting down with stools. From cozy family reunions to grand corporate events, this communal table hits the right note by blending comfort with cutting-edge technology.

The ILLUMINATED PEDESTAL COMMUNAL TABLE is perfect for the stylish and tech-savvy event planner in New Orleans looking to create unforgettable experiences. Elevate your events with a touch of modern elegance – light up the night and impress your guests!

Product Info:



Stand Out with Vibrant Illumination at Your Next Event!


  • 144″ wide x 24″ long x 42″ high
  • Vibrant LED lighting with color options
  • Curved design for versatile arrangements
  • Sturdy and durable materials
  • Ideal for receptions, events, gatherings
  • Creates stunning visual impact

The Illuminated Serpentine Communal Table lights up any event with its vibrant LED system, offering an array of colors to match your theme. Perfect for receptions and gatherings, this table combines style with practicality. Its curved design not only stands out but also allows you to arrange it in various configurations, catering to different spaces and occasions. With dimensions of 144″ W x 24″ L x 42″ H, it’s sizable enough to host a group yet easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its smooth surface.

Made from durable materials, this communal table promises longevity for all your events. Imagine it as the centerpiece at a corporate function or lighting up a family gathering—its eye-catching design is sure to impress guests. Pair it with other illuminated pieces for a cohesive look that elevates any social setting into an unforgettable experience.

So whether you’re planning a chic party or an official meet-up in the heart of the city famous for its lively festivities, incorporating such LED furniture adds flair that keeps people talking long after the event wraps up. The Illuminated Serpentine Communal Table isn’t just furniture; it’s an atmosphere enhancer that turns ordinary into extraordinary.

Step into the spotlight at the New Orleans L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals with our ILLUMINATED SERPENTINE COMMUNAL TABLE, perfect for those who crave a vibrant and visually stunning environment. Elevate your event with ease – shine bright, stand out, and leave them in awe!

Product Info:



Illuminate Your Events with Modern and Customizable LED-lit Seating Solution


  • LED lighting built into the sofa
  • Size: 72 inches wide, 30 inches long, and 35 inches high
  • Creates a visually stunning ambiance
  • Perfect for modern and stylish interiors
  • Adds an innovative touch to any living space
  • Offers comfortable seating with a unique twist

The ILLUMINATED SOFA lights up any event with its sleek design and colorful LED options. This piece of furniture is not just for sitting; it’s a conversation starter. Picture this: you’re at an outdoor and as the sun sets, the sofas come to life, glowing in colors. It’s magical, right? The sofa is made from durable polyethylene, making it tough enough for both indoor parties and outside gatherings under the stars. Plus, its energy-efficient LEDs ensure that while it shines brightly, it doesn’t run up a high electricity bill.

Let’s talk about comfort because style shouldn’t mean sacrificing coziness. Guests can relax on this contemporary sofa throughout the event without missing out on being part of the vibrant atmosphere. Imagine lounging on one at a corporate function where everything else is strictly professional–this sofa stands out by adding a touch of modern flair and comfort.

Whether planning a chic party or looking to make your event memorable, incorporating this illuminated furniture adds that special wow factor everyone will remember long after they leave. With its customizable colors, weatherproof quality for versatility across venues from inside halls to garden settings—every detail makes it clear why picking such innovative seating solutions can elevate your next big occasion into something extraordinary.

The ILLUMINATED SOFA is perfect for event planners in New Orleans seeking a stylish, weatherproof seating solution that merges technology with comfort. Elevate your event with our modern, customizable LED-lit sofa and leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Product Info:



Elevate event experiences with versatile, vibrant lighting in New Orleans.


  • Remote control for easy light adjustment
  • LED lights with changeable color options
  • Durable construction suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Translucent top for even light diffusion
  • Size: 24″ W x 24″ L x 16″ H
  • Versatile usage in both indoor and outdoor settings

The LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE is a game-changer for event planners and party lovers alike. Imagine hosting a gathering where your coffee table lights up the night with vibrant colors, setting the mood without saying a word. This piece of LED furniture combines style with functionality in ways you’ve never seen before.

What sets this coffee cube apart is its durable construction paired with advanced LED technology. You can choose from an array of colors to match the event’s vibe using just a remote control – talk about convenience! Plus, it’s not just for looks; the cube serves as a sturdy table too, making it perfect for serving drinks or displaying decor items under mesmerizing light. Whether indoors or outdoors, this innovative table brings an unforgettable atmosphere that guests will talk about long after the party ends.

Perfect for event planners in New Orleans looking to elevate their client’s experience with sleek, versatile, and vibrant lighting. Get your guests talking – add the LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE to your rental collection today!

Product Info:



Illuminate Your New Orleans Event with Vibrant LED Style!


  • LED lights with customizable colors
  • Remote control for easy operation
  • Tempered glass top for durability
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Perfect for parties and gatherings
  • Adds ambiance to any space

Brighten up your events with the LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE, a perfect blend of style and functionality. This table not only serves as a sturdy place to keep your drinks and decor but also doubles as an innovative lighting source. With its sleek, contemporary design and white translucent finish, it seamlessly fits into any theme or setting.

The built-in LED technology steals the show by offering customizable colors that set the mood right. Imagine changing hues with just a click, turning a casual meeting into a vibrant party space. Plus, it’s energy-efficient; no worries about hefty electricity bills after long hours of usage. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner or planning an elaborate event, this coffee table is designed for durability and stability, ensuring your setup always looks top-notch.

Moreover, the dynamic appeal of this coffee table adds that ‘wow’ factor guests won’t stop talking about. It’s more than just furniture; it’s an experience enhancer that lights up conversations too!

The LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE is perfect for the trendy and dynamic individual looking to elevate their event with a touch of modern style and vibrant ambiance. Get ready to illuminate your New Orleans event with this sleek and energy-efficient addition!

Product Info:

10. Metro LED Table



Versatile, Durable LED Table for Stylish Event Enhancement in New Orleans


  • Adjustable LED Lights to match event themes
  • Wireless and Rechargeable for easy placement
  • Easy-to-use Remote Control System
  • Sturdy Construction for durability and reliability
  • Versatile Use for various events

The Metro LED Table lights up any event with its sleek design and customizable features. Imagine hosting a party in the heart of the city, where every detail reflects your unique style. This table makes it possible, thanks to adjustable LED lights that match any theme you dream up. From cool blues for a corporate gathering to romantic reds, setting the right mood is just a remote click away. Plus, its wireless and rechargeable nature means you can place it anywhere—no cords, no fuss.

Durability meets elegance in this sturdy piece of furniture; it’s built to handle heavy use while still looking like a showstopper. Think about those bustling events where everyone gathers around, drinks in hand, sharing stories and laughs. The Metro LED Table not only stands up to the crowd but also adds an unforgettable glow to these moments. Versatile enough for indoor or outdoor use, it becomes more than just a table—it’s part of what makes your event memorable.

Remember those times when setting up an event felt like solving a puzzle? Well, this table changes the game by being easy to move and set up wherever needed without breaking your back or bank account on extra help or equipment rental fees.. Whether you’re looking to impress clients at your next business function or create enchanting atmospheres at social gatherings,this furniture is sure not only turn heads but also make planning significantly smoother.

The Metro LED Table is perfect for event planners in New Orleans who seek a versatile, durable, and visually striking table to elevate their corporate gatherings and more. Elevate your events with the ultimate blend of style and functionality!

Product Info:



Create an unforgettable visual experience with customizable LED furniture.


  • Illuminated with energy – efficient LED lights
  • Sleek and modern serpentine design
  • Durable and lightweight acrylic material
  • Creates a captivating ambiance for events or gatherings
  • Easy to assemble and transport
  • Adds a touch of sophistication to any space

Picture this – you’re planning an event, and you want it to stand out. The WHITE ACRYLIC LED SERPENTINE TABLE is your ticket to making that happen. This isn’t just any table; it’s a centerpiece that combines elegance with cutting-edge technology. Made from high-quality white acrylic, its glossy finish commands attention while offering the durability needed for any gathering.

Now, let’s talk about what sets this piece apart – its unique serpentine shape and customizable LED lights. Imagine walking into a room and seeing this table change colors to match the event’s theme — from cool blues for a corporate gala to warm oranges for a cozy dinner party. It’s not only a talking point but also enhances the mood of your space, creating memories that stick with guests long after they’ve left.

Moreover, the design itself is more than just looks—it’s functional art. The curve invites people to gather around in a natural flow, promoting conversation and interaction in ways straight-edged tables can’t touch.

The ideal customer for the WHITE ACRYLIC LED SERPENTINE TABLE is someone who seeks to create a memorable and visually stunning event experience in New Orleans. They value durability, aesthetics, and customization in their furniture choices. Elevate your event with our unique LED table and leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Product Info:



Stylish and Versatile LED Table for Modern Event Ambiance in New Orleans


  • Dazzling white acrylic LED table
  • Impressive 96×40 inch size
  • Mesmerizing LED illumination
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Perfect for events or home use
  • Easy to set up and maintain

Light up your event in style with the WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE. This isn’t just any table—it’s a robust, stylish centerpiece that commands attention and sparks conversation. Crafted from durable acrylic, it stands strong against bumps and knocks, making it perfect for high-traffic events. The sleek white design seamlessly blends with various decor styles, from ultra-modern to elegantly traditional.

What truly sets this table apart is its built-in LED lighting. With a flick of a switch, you can transform the ambiance of your space—choosing colors that match your theme or dance along to the vibe of your gathering. It serves dual purposes: as a practical piece for cocktails and snacks and as an eye-catching light source that enriches the atmosphere. Imagine guests lingering around this glowing table, bathing in its soft light as they mingle—this is what unforgettable events are made of.

This table isn’t just furniture; it’s an experience enhancer. Whether you’re hosting a chic cocktail party or an exclusive corporate gala, it adds that extra touch of magic to make your event memorable. Its minimalist design punctuated by innovative LED technology ensures every occasion feels special—a testament to fine taste and thoughtful planning.

Are you a modern event planner in New Orleans looking for versatile and stylish furniture that can elevate your event ambiance? Check out our WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE – the perfect choice for creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Product Info:

How to Rent LED Party Furniture

Illuminated Event Centerpieces-Modern Event Rental

Choose between à la carte or package rentals based on your event’s needs. Contact us for delivery and setup options in New Orleans.

Choose à la carte or package rentals

Deciding between à la carte or package rentals for your event? It’s simpler than you think. À la carte lets you pick each piece of Light Up furniture rentals that perfectly fits your vision and space.

This option is great if you want total control over the look and feel of your event.

Package rentals, on the other hand, bundle together popular items at a discounted rate. Ideal for those who appreciate convenience and savings, packages take the guesswork out of mixing and matching pieces.

Either way, you get stylish, energy-efficient lighting options that turn any venue into a modern masterpiece.

Delivery and setup options

Choose between convenient delivery and setup options for your LED furniture rentals in New Orleans. Enjoy hassle-free service right to your event venue, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience from start to finish.

Your selected pieces will be promptly delivered and set up by professionals, allowing you to focus on creating an unforgettable atmosphere for your guests with minimal effort.

Customize your rental experience by opting for delivery and setup at the location of your choice within our designated service areas. Let our team handle the logistics, so you can relax and look forward to enjoying the stunning ambiance created by our L.E.D.

Service areas

New Orleans illuminated vent furniture rentals

New Orleans LED furniture event rentals cover the entire New Orleans metropolitan area, including the city and surrounding neighborhoods. Whether your event is in the heart of downtown or a neighboring district, our rental options and services extend to all areas within New Orleans.

We provide delivery and setup for Illuminated furniture rentals throughout the Greater New Orleans region, ensuring that your event venue, whether it’s in Mid-City, Bywater, Uptown, or another neighborhood around town, can benefit from our modern and stylish furniture offerings.

Contact information for reservations

To reserve LED furniture for your event, simply reach out to our friendly team at 800-275-6015 or Whether you have questions about rental options, delivery, or setup services, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Get in touch today to bring the vibrant glow of Light Up furniture rentals to your next memorable event!


Elevate your next event with the captivating glow of LED furniture! Create a modern and stylish atmosphere, while enjoying energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Rent our 6FT Illuminated Communal Table or the versatile 6FT Illuminated Table for an inviting and impactful experience!


1. Can I rent Illuminated furniture for any type of event in New Orleans?

Yes, you can rent L.E.D. furniture for all kinds of events to corporate parties.

2. Will the Battery Light up furniture last the whole event?

Absolutely, the Battery LED furniture is designed to glow brightly throughout your entire event.

3. Is it hard to set up the Illuminated furniture at my event location?

Nope, setting up L.E.D. furniture is simple and quick, plus many rental companies offer setup help.

4. Can I choose different colors for the battery led lights in the furniture?

Yes, you can pick from a variety of colors to match your event’s theme or mood perfectly.

5. Do I need to worry about safety with electrical components involved?

Not at all – safety comes first with these designs, ensuring they’re safe around guests of all ages.

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