Transform Your Event with Milwaukee Illuminated LED Furniture Rentals

Milwaukee Illuminated Furniture Rentals

Planning an event in Milwaukee and want to make it unforgettable? Illuminated LED furniture is a game-changer, lighting up spaces and creating magical experiences. This blog will guide you through choosing the best LED furniture rentals in Milwaukee, offering tips for enhancing your event without breaking the bank.

Ready to light up your event?.

Benefits of Renting Illuminated LED Furniture for Events

Milwaukee Illuminated LED furniture Rentals

Enhance the ambiance and branding of your event with LED furniture, creating a modern and visually striking atmosphere. Enjoy the convenience of easy setup and breakdown, making it a seamless addition to any event space.

Enhances ambiance and branding for Milwaukee Illuminated LED Furniture Rentals

LED furniture turns any Milwaukee event into a visually stunning experience. Lights and colors set the mood, making gatherings unforgettable. Whether it’s a corporate event at the Wisconsin Center at the Historic Pabst Brewery, illuminated LED furniture elevates the scene.

Guests feel they’re part of something special, creating a buzz that lasts.

This lighting also strengthens branding efforts. Imagine an illuminated sofa glowing with company colors at a trade show in the City of Milwaukee or custom-lit tables showcasing logos at UWM alumni gatherings.

These touches not only catch the eye but also help to reinforce brand identity in memorable ways, ensuring messages resonate long after the event concludes.

Easy setup and breakdown

Setting up and breaking down event furniture rentals can be a hassle, but not with Milwaukee Illuminated LED furniture rentals. These pieces are designed for quick assembly and easy disassembly. You don’t need tools or special skills.

Simply place the furniture where you want it, turn on the lights, and your event space transforms instantly.

After the event, breaking everything down is just as straightforward. The LED elements make the furniture lightweight and manageable to move. This saves time for everyone involved – from planners to venue staff.

Plus, efficient setup and breakdown mean you can focus more on enjoying your event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, rather than worrying about logistics.

Energy-efficient and long-lasting

Milwaukee Illuminated LED furniture rentals lights up your event while saving energy. These pieces use less electricity than traditional lighting. This makes them a smart choice for any gathering, from Milwaukee convention campus events to intimate gatherings at the Wisconsin Centre.

Your event shines without running up a big energy bill.

The bulbs in LED furniture last a long time too. You won’t need to worry about them going out during your event. They keep glowing strong hour after hour, making sure your space stays lit and inviting all through the night or day.

With LED rentals, you get peace of mind knowing your setting looks great and is eco-friendly.

Types of Milwaukee Illuminated LED Furniture Rentals

Quick Recommendation

Be sure to take a quick recommendation from the product list, or scroll down for detailed reviews.

Comparison Table

Product NameSize (W x L x H)WeightMaterialPrice
6FT ILLUMINATED COMMUNAL TABLE72″ x 30″ x 42″100 lbs
6FT ILLUMINATED TABLE72″ x 30″ x 31″Frosted glass top, aluminum legs
8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE96″ x 30″ x 31″175 lbs$695
ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY15″ x 15″ x 42″25 lbs
ILLUMINATED SOFA72″ x 30″ x 35″
LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE24″ x 24″ x 16″
LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE48″ x 24″ x 16″
Metro LED Table96″ x 30″ x 30″
WHITE ACRYLIC LED SERPENTINE TABLE148.8″ x 30″ x 30″High-quality white acrylic
WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE96″ x 40″ x 30″Durable acrylic



Elevate your event with vibrant LED lighting and spacious design.


  • An impressive 6 – foot size for spacious communal gatherings
  • Illuminated feature to create a captivating and inviting atmosphere
  • Sturdy construction with a height of 42 inches for comfort
  • Weighs only 100 pounds, making it easily movable
  • Perfect for creating an engaging social environment
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

This 6FT ILLUMINATED COMMUNAL TABLE is a game-changer for any event. Imagine guests gathering around this brightly lit table, the colorful LEDs illuminating their smiles and conversations. Its smooth glass surface is not just about looks; it’s functional, making clean-up a breeze. The sturdy aluminum legs ensure stability, so there’s no worry of wobbles or spills even in the midst of lively mingling.

The extra width encourages people to come together, creating an inviting atmosphere that promotes interaction and connection. It’s perfect for encouraging guests at events to share stories and create memories under its ambient light. This table doesn’t just hold drinks and plates; it holds moments of laughter and bonds being formed.

We chose this illuminated communal table as our top pick because it perfectly blends form with function—its stunning design elevates the decor while its practical features facilitate socializing. Whether indoors or out, this table becomes the centerpiece that draws people in, encouraging them to stay longer and enjoy their time together more deeply. Its presence turns an ordinary gathering into an unforgettable experience.

The 6FT Illuminated Communal Table is perfect for the outgoing event planner looking to create an inviting and lively atmosphere at fundraisers, or reunions. Elevate your next event with vibrant LED lighting and spacious design from Milwaukee L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals!

Product Info:



Elevate Your Event with Stunning Illuminated Table Rentals!


  • 72 – inch width frosted glass top
  • Aluminum legs for durability
  • Versatile showstopper for events
  • Creates ambient atmosphere with soft lighting
  • Suitable for fundraisers, parties, and more
  • Perfect for showcasing floral arrangements

The 6FT ILLUMINATED TABLE lights up any event with its sleek frosted glass top and customizable lighting color. Imagine walking into a room where this table stands, glowing softly, instantly grabbing everyone’s attention and setting the mood. The sturdy aluminum legs ensure that the table stays in place, no matter how bustling the event gets. This piece isn’t just furniture; it’s a statement-maker that adds a modern flair to fundraisers, parties—you name it.

What sets this illuminated table apart is its versatility and ability to transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary. Use it to showcase floral arrangements or as the centerpiece of your dining setup. Its ambient lighting feature creates a warm atmosphere that can be tailored to match the theme of any occasion. We’ve ranked it No. 2 on our list because while it’s an absolute game-changer for event décor, there’s another product that just slightly edges out in functionality for broader event types.

Choosing this table means opting for durability paired with striking aesthetics—think about those photos! It’s perfect for anyone looking to elevate their event’s design while ensuring their setup remains practical and eye-catching.

Are you looking to elevate your event with a modern touch? Our 6FT ILLUMINATED TABLE is perfect for someone who wants to create a stylish and versatile ambiance. Add an eye-catching centerpiece or set the mood with customizable lighting. Get ready to impress your guests by adding this sleek piece to your Milwaukee L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals now!

Product Info:



Create unforgettable event ambiance with customizable LED illuminated tables.


The 8FT ILLUMINATED TABLE lights up any event with its customizable RGBAW LED lighting, making it a standout choice for creating memorable atmospheres. Known for its durable and high-strength materials, this table combines functionality with a sleek, minimalistic design. Whether you’re hosting a lively party or an elegant corporate event, the ability to adjust the table’s color to match your theme brings an added layer of sophistication. Its impressive visual display leaves guests in awe, showcasing how innovative design can transform ordinary spaces into something extraordinary.

This table earns its spot as No. 3 on our list because it goes beyond just being furniture; it’s a conversation starter and mood setter rolled into one. Imagine setting up this illuminating piece at a Milwaukee waterfront evening event — the way it reflects off the water while harmonizing with the city lights would elevate any gathering from good to unforgettable.

Choosing this product wasn’t just about its aesthetics; we looked at practicality too. The ease of controlling hue and saturation means anyone can adapt the ambiance without fussing over complex settings or needing technical support. It strikes that perfect balance between captivating beauty and user-friendly operation, proving why it deserves recognition among top LED furniture options for your next event planning adventure.

The illuminated table is ideal for the customer who wants to create a memorable ambiance at their event. Bring your event to life with customizable LED lighting and a sleek design. Elevate your event with Milwaukee L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals today!

Product Info:



Make a Statement at Your Event with LED High Boy!


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Energy – efficient LED illumination
  • Adjustable height for customizable display
  • Sturdy construction for long – lasting use
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Perfect for showcasing products or highlighting special events

The ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY turns any Milwaukee event into a vibrant spectacle. Think about it—this sleek, modern table lights up with 16 different colors and various modes, perfect for making your gathering stand out. Whether you’re planning a corporate function, this piece brings an air of sophistication and fun. Its durable build and easy-to-clean surface mean you won’t have to worry about spills or damage during the festivities. Imagine guests mingling around this glowing high boy, the LED lights setting the mood just right for both lively conversations and Instagram-worthy photos.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this LED furniture is incredibly functional too. Standing at 42 inches tall, it’s ideal for events where people prefer to stand or need a spot to rest their drinks while chatting. The integrated lighting system can be customized to fit your theme, whether you aim for something warm and inviting or cool and electrifying—your choices are endless. This isn’t just another piece of furniture; it’s a conversation starter that adds life to any room it’s in while keeping usability in mind.

Looking for the perfect addition to your Milwaukee Illuminated LED Furniture Event Rentals? Meet the ILLUMINATED HIGH BOY – ideal for trend-setting event planners, businesses looking to make a statement, and couples seeking that wow factor at their special celebration. Elevate your event with this sleek and modern piece today!

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Elevate Events with Cutting-Edge Illuminated Communal Tables


  • Illuminated LED pedestal communal table
  • Sleek and modern 72″ wide design
  • Perfect for creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere
  • Ideal for contemporary events or venues
  • Unique addition to any space or event
  • Durable construction with an eye – catching look

The ILLUMINATED PEDESTAL COMMUNAL TABLE lights up any gathering with its customizable LED features. Picture your next event in Milwaukee, where this sleek table becomes the centerpiece. Its dazzling LED lights can change colors to match your theme, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. This isn’t just about looks; the table’s pedestal base frees up valuable floor space, making room for more guests to mingle comfortably.

Crafted from durable materials, this communal table promises longevity and easy maintenance—a must for busy event planners or rental businesses aiming to impress their clientele repeatedly. The size is perfect too—72″ W x 24″ L x 42″ H—large enough for a group yet compact enough to fit into various event spaces seamlessly. Whether it’s a corporate gala, pairing this illuminated table with different seating options allows for a customized look and feel that caters directly to the user’s needs.

By incorporating technology and design, the Illuminated Pedestal Communal Table elevates guest experiences at events of all sizes. Users rave about its ability to transform ordinary venues into vibrant settings while maintaining practicality and ease of use—a true testament to innovation in event furniture rental choices.

The illuminated pedestal communal table is perfect for the savvy event planner or business owner looking to create a memorable, tech-savvy experience. Elevate your event with cutting-edge design and functionality.

Product Info:



Create Unforgettable Events with Stunning L.E.D. Furniture in Milwaukee!


  • 144-inch-wide illuminated communal table
  • Unique serpentine shape for eye – catching design
  • Built – in LED lighting for ambient atmosphere
  • Sturdy construction with a 42 – inch height
  • Perfect for collaborative workspaces or events
  • Creates a modern and inviting gathering space

The ILLUMINATED SERPENTINE COMMUNAL TABLE turns any Milwaukee event into a visual spectacle. Picture this table lighting up your next corporate gathering or reception with its vibrant L.E.D colors, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Not just a feast for the eyes, this table also offers practical seating solutions, ensuring guests mingle in comfort. Its curved design isn’t just about good looks—it allows for versatile arrangement options to fit every space and occasion perfectly.

Crafted from top-notch materials, this piece is built to last through countless gatherings without losing its appeal or functionality. Cleanup? It’s a breeze, thanks to the smooth surface that wipes clean in seconds—meaning more time enjoying the event and less time worrying about spills. When paired with other illuminated furniture pieces, it creates an immersive environment that will have attendees talking long after the lights go out. Lighting up your events has never been easier or more stunning than with this game-changing communal table.

Ideal for event planners and hosts in Milwaukee looking to create visually stunning and immersive environments for receptions, corporate events, or social gatherings. Elevate your event experience with our ILLUMINATED SERPENTINE COMMUNAL TABLE!

Product Info:



Elevate Your Events with Innovative Illuminated Seating Solutions!


  • LED lights built into sofa for a vibrant and modern look
  • Remote control for easy color customization
  • USB port for convenient device charging
  • Sturdy construction with comfortable cushioning
  • Adds ambiance to any room or outdoor space
  • Versatile design suitable for various decor styles

The ILLUMINATED SOFA shines as a modern masterpiece, blending style and technology for an unforgettable event experience. Crafted from durable polyethylene, this sofa stands up to both indoor and outdoor events without losing its chic appeal. The integrated LED lights steal the show, offering customizable colors that can set the mood or match any theme. Imagine lighting up a soft, romantic hues or turning a corporate function into a vibrant display of color—all with just one piece of furniture.

Beyond its eye-catching design, the sofa promises comfort and durability. Its size (72″ W x 30″ L x 35″ H) makes it perfect for guests to relax while adding a futuristic touch to any venue space. Picture this: guests walking into an event and being greeted by the gentle glow of sofas illuminating the space in synchronized colors—it’s not just seating; it’s part of the event’s allure. This energy-efficient LED furniture turns ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences without adding on extra costs or maintenance worries—making your affair one remembered long after the last guest leaves.

Ideal for event planners and hosts in need of a modern seating solution to elevate their corporate functions, or parties. Add style and innovation to your events with the ILLUMINATED SOFA from Milwaukee L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals!

Product Info:



Sleek, Mood-Setting Cube: Elevate Your Event With Vibrant Lighting


  • 24x24x16 inches size
  • Changeable color LED lights
  • Translucent top for even light
  • Remote control for easy adjustments
  • Durable for indoor and outdoor use

The LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE brings a vibrant twist to any event, combining the functionality of a coffee table with the excitement of mood lighting. Imagine this cube shining at your next outdoor party or setting a romantic glow for an intimate corporate meeting. With its sleek design and durable materials, it’s built to impress anywhere. The LED lights inside change colors, allowing you to set the perfect tone for your gathering. Whether it’s warm yellows for a cozy atmosphere or cool blues for a high-energy bash, this table has you covered.

Using this coffee cube is as simple as tapping a button on its remote control. This means you can switch up your event’s vibe in seconds without missing a beat in your conversation. Its smooth surface and sophisticated look fit seamlessly into any decor style, making it an instant hit among those who appreciate elegance and innovation combined.

Imagine guests marveling at how the translucent top diffuses light across the room—creating just the right ambiance without overwhelming distractions. Plus, being easy to clean and maintain means less hassle for hosts prepping for their next big occasion,. The LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE isn’t just furniture; it’s an experience enhancer that turns ordinary events into memorable milestones.

Looking to add a touch of modern elegance and vibrant ambiance? The LIGHT UP COFFEE CUBE from Milwaukee L.E.D. Furniture Event Rentals is perfect for anyone who wants to elevate their indoor or outdoor event with sleek design and colorful lighting. Spice up your event with the Light Up Coffee Cube today!

Product Info:



Event Planner’s Ultimate Showstopper: Unforgettable LED Coffee Table Experience!


  • Bright LED lights for a stunning visual display
  • Contemporary and sleek design to elevate any space
  • Large surface area perfect for entertaining or relaxing
  • Convenient height for comfortable use
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor events
  • Versatile rental option for various occasions

The LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE brings a unique charm to any event, combining visual allure with practical design. This table stands out as the perfect centerpiece for parties, corporate gatherings. Its sleek design fits well with all décor styles while the white translucent finish and LED technology cast an inviting glow across the room. The array of colors from the LEDs can instantly set the mood, making every moment feel special.

With its energy-efficient feature, this coffee table lights up for long hours without interruption. It’s not just about looks; it’s sturdy enough to hold drinks, snacks, or decorative items safely. For anyone planning an unforgettable gathering in Milwaukee, incorporating this table can elevate your space’s ambiance significantly. Whether it’s a low-key family reunion this coffee table ensures your setting sparkles brilliantly through the night.

Crafted with innovation in mind, this furniture piece effortlessly combines functionality with aesthetic pleasure—making it a must-have for those looking to impress their guests.

Ideal for the sophisticated event planner, Modern Event Rentals offers a LIGHT UP COFFEE TABLE that enhances any occasion with its visually alluring design and vibrant LED technology. Elevate your next event with a statement piece that captivates guests from every angle!

Product Info:

10. Metro LED Table


Modernize any event with adjustable LED lights and sleek design.


  • 96 – inch wide LED table suitable for indoor and outdoor events
  • Wireless, rechargeable, and remote – controlled LED lights with multiple color options
  • Sturdy construction capable of bearing substantial weight
  • Sleek contemporary design with a spacious surface for accommodating multiple items

The Metro LED Table is a game-changer for anyone looking to add a touch of modern flair to their events. With its sleek design and adjustable LED lights, this table isn’t just furniture; it’s a statement piece that can set the mood with the click of a button. Imagine the look on guests’ faces as they walk into a room aglow with colors that match your event’s theme perfectly. The wireless feature means no tripping over cords, and since it’s rechargeable, you’re not restricted by outlet locations.

This sturdy table doesn’t just shine in looks but also in functionality. It can easily hold all your essentials while providing ample space for guests to gather around. Plus, being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use makes it ideal for any occasion—rain or shine.

Choosing the Metro LED Table elevates any gathering from ordinary to extraordinary with ease and elegance. Its durable construction ensures that despite its delicate appearance, it stands strong throughout your event, making every moment unforgettable.

Looking to elevate your event with a modern touch? The Metro LED Table is perfect for those seeking a sleek and versatile furniture option. Ideal for Modern Event Rentals, this wireless rechargeable table with adjustable LED lights will set the mood you desire. Bring contemporary flair to any setting – enhance your event today!

Product Info:



Unique LED-lit serpentine table for unforgettable event experiences.


  • High – quality white acrylic material
  • Unique serpentine shape
  • LED lights with customizable settings
  • Large size: 148.8″ W x 30″ L x 30″ H
  • Part of the LED Furniture category

The WHITE ACRYLIC LED SERPENTINE TABLE brings modern elegance and functionality to any event. Crafted from premium white acrylic, this table shines with a glossy surface that’s not just stylish but also durable. Its serpentine shape creates a sense of movement, making it an eye-catching centerpiece that sparks conversation. Equipped with customizable LED lights, it allows for a tailored ambiance that fits the mood and theme of your gathering perfectly.

Imagine hosting an evening soiree where every detail reflects sophistication. This table becomes more than furniture; it transforms the space with its ambient lighting—offering versatility in visual effects to match the vibe you’re aiming for. Whether it’s setting a romantic glow or pulsating colors for a dance party, the customization is seamless. Beyond aesthetics, its robust construction ensures longevity, making each event memorable while standing up to frequent use with grace.

This piece isn’t just about looks; its design supports practical usability too. The sizable dimensions accommodate groups comfortably, ensuring guests can interact freely without feeling cramped. It’s perfect for those looking to elevate their entertainment spaces within Milwaukee’s thriving scene—be it personal celebrations or corporate events—it promises to leave an indelible mark on attendees’ memories through innovative design and dynamic lighting options.

Looking to elevate your next event? The ideal customer for the WHITE ACRYLIC LED SERPENTINE TABLE is someone who values sleek, modern design and wants to create a memorable atmosphere. This product is perfect for those looking to impress their guests with its unique serpentine shape and customizable LED lighting. To add this showstopper to your Modern Event Rentals collection, contact us today!

Product Info:



Illuminate Your Event with Stylish, Multi-Use LED Table


  • Huge 96 – inch wide surface
  • Durable, polished white acrylic material
  • Eye-catching color-changing LED lighting
  • Sturdy and sleek design
  • Ideal for social gatherings or events
  • Enhances ambiance with vibrant light effects

The WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE brightens any gathering, blending chic style with cutting-edge features. Crafted from strong acrylic, this table stands up to heavy use without losing its sleek, polished look. Its minimalist design fits right in with modern decor, making it a smart choice for event planners and decorators seeking that fresh, contemporary vibe.

What really sets this piece apart is its LED lighting system. With just a touch, you can change the colors to match your event theme or mood. Imagine lighting up a soft pinks and whites or adding a pop of color to a corporate party with dynamic blues and greens. This table isn’t just furniture; it’s an experience—a true showstopper that combines function with flair.

Easy to place anywhere due to its versatile size—96″ W x 40″ L x 30″ H—the table makes setting up snack corners or cocktail spaces effortless. Event-goers are drawn not only by the convenience but also by the inviting glow that adds an extra layer of excitement to your venue decoration.

The WHITE ACRYLIC LED TABLE is perfect for the modern host who wants to create a stylish ambiance at their event. Elevate your space with this versatile and eye-catching piece from Modern Event Rentals.

Product Info:

Choosing the Right L. E. D

A photo of a stylish LED furniture setup at a busy event venue in Milwaukee.

When selecting L.E.D. furniture rental in Milwaukee, consider your event needs and budget. Research reputable rental companies to confirm availability and book early.

Consider event needs and budget

First, think about what your event really needs. Do you want a cozy vibe or something flashy? LED furniture can light up any space, making it feel special. But you need to choose the right pieces that fit your theme and purpose.

If it’s a business event, maybe an illuminated communal table sets the right tone. For a party, glowing sofas and coffee tables might be perfect.

Next, check your budget closely before making decisions. High-quality LED furniture doesn’t always come cheap, but it’s worth the investment for the wow factor it brings. Look for Milwaukee event furniture rental companies that offer great customer service and value for money.

Planning with a clear budget in mind helps avoid surprises later on. Make sure you get quotes from several places to find deals that won’t break the bank while still meeting all your event planning needs.

Research reputable rental companies

To find the best LED furniture rental in Milwaukee, check out reputable companies. Look for customer reviews and ratings online. Compare prices and available options to make an informed choice when selecting a rental company.

Confirm their delivery and setup services before making a booking to ensure a hassle-free experience. When choosing your rental company, remember to inquire about any additional fees or charges that may apply in order to avoid any surprises later on.

When researching different rental companies, consider reaching out directly for more information. It’s important to know what is included in the rental package and if there are any customization options available that might suit your specific event needs better.

Inquire about delivery and setup options

When renting LED furniture for your event in Milwaukee, it’s crucial to inquire about the delivery and setup options. Confirm if the rental company provides delivery services to your venue and whether they offer assistance with setting up the LED furniture.

Understanding these options will ensure a seamless experience for your event, allowing you to focus on creating an impactful ambiance without worrying about logistical details.

Confirm availability and book early

Confirm the availability of your preferred LED furniture and book as early as possible to secure it for your event in Milwaukee. Be proactive in securing your rental to ensure you get the pieces you need for your event.


Elevate your events in Milwaukee with captivating Illuminated LED furniture! Create an inviting ambiance and make a lasting impression with the 6FT Illuminated Communal Table, perfect for social gatherings.

For versatile elegance, consider the 6FT Illuminated Table, ideal for fundraisers, and parties. Add flair to your events with these showstoppers that will leave a lasting impact on attendees.


1. What makes Milwaukee Illuminated LED furniture rentals stand out for modern events?

Modern Event Rentals offer a unique, glowing touch that can transform any event space into an eye-catching scene. Perfect for those looking to add a modern flair to their gatherings, these pieces are not just furniture but a conversation starter.

2. Can I find unique options along with Illuminated LED furniture at these rental places?

Yes! Alongside the stunning L.E.D. furniture options, you can also LED Swings to bring extra joy and entertainment to your event, making it unforgettable for guests of all ages.

3. Is booking online safe with recaptcha protection?

Absolutely! When you book your Milwaukee Illuminated LED furniture rental online, rest assured that recaptcha technology is there to protect your information every step of the way—keeping things secure and straightforward.

4. How do I choose the right L.E.D. furniture for my event?

Think about the vibe you’re aiming for at your event—whether it’s chic elegance or playful fun—and select pieces that complement this theme best; from sleek bars and tables to vibrant chairs and sofas, there’s something perfect for every occasion.

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